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Home Business 101

Small businesses, half of which are home-based, create the majority of new jobs and generate over half of the U.S. economic output! So much for a little mommy-biz. Today, home business has become the safety-net to job insecurity and loss of quality employer offered retirement plans. Financial gurus such as David Bach (Finish Rich Books) are now recommending a home business as a way to create financial security.

Work-At-Home Success has put together several pages to help you start a home based business. Click on the links below to learn about each resource.

What Home Business Should You Start? How to determine the best home business for you and create a business that is fun and fulfilling.

What to Name Your Business? Tips on how to choose a great name for your business.

Home Business Legalities: Permits, Licenses, etc. – Find out what type of permits or licenses you may need to get your business running.

Planning Your Business - How to write a business plan that helps you be profitable!

Financing Your Home Business – How and where to find start up money to launch your home business.

Marketing 101 – Basic marketing ideas to get the word out about your business.

Home Business Ideas - For a list of all the content that cover a variety of home business ideas.

Check out a variety of work-at-home opportunities.

Home Business Tips and Tools – A list of all the content that gives great tips, tools and resources to help you start and grow your business.

4 Responses to Home Business 101

  1. Sam @ Kairos says:

    This is a very good resource. I have always wanted to start a home business but don’t know where or how to start. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  2. LTruex says:

    Thank you for checking out Work-At-Home Success. Getting started in a home business can be a challenge. I always encourage people to look to their interests, skills and talents in starting a business. Good luck.

  3. Isa Wade says:

    Where can I find opportunities to get paid watching TV or movies?

  4. LTruex says:

    I’m not aware of opportunities for watching movies, but captioning jobs require you to watch tv and type what people say. You can try a place like

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