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Three Reasons Your Online Venture Isn’t Making Money

3 Reasons Your Online Venture Isn't Making Money

Some people have all the luck. They get an idea, put it online and within weeks they’re making money. Unfortunately, most people don’t make much, if any, money in their online ventures. Instead their bank accounts dwindle lower and lower and they are left wondering, what happened?… Read the rest

Take Advantage of the Holidays to Make Extra Cash

Holiday Home Business Ideas and Tips to Marketing During the Holidays

Yesterday I posted an article on three free ways you can make money during the holiday season. I wanted to let you know about two other articles I wrote for Home Business that can help you. If you’re looking for home business ideas or if you have a home business but need tips for marketing during the holidays, you’ll want to check out the articles below.… Read the rest

Affordable Marketing Ideas that Work

Affordable Marketing Ideas that Work

Marketing is crucial to home business success. It requires identifying your product or service’s uniqueness, how it helps others, and the groups of people most likely to buy. Once you know all that, you need to use marketing strategies to get your message to your market.… Read the rest

How Make Your Blog Appealing to Readers and Search Engines

How to Make Your Blog Appealing to Readers and Search Engines

When it comes to having  successful blog, building a regular readership is crucial. To get that readership, many marketing experts recommend optimizing the blog for search engines.  While this is good advice, search engine-friendly content isn’t always reader-friendly and vice versa.… Read the rest

Target Your Market for Better, Cheaper Marketing Results

Target Your Market For Better Results

Marketing is equally as important as providing a quality product or service. Without it, consumers can’t find you to buy your products or services. As important as it is, many people struggle with marketing mostly because they don’t research, plan and track.… Read the rest

Creating Your Perfect Lifestyle from Home

Beachpreneur Lifestyle Event

In September, I’ll be speaking at the Beachpreneur Lifestyle Event in Florida. Yesterday, many of the speakers at the event got together to do a Google Hangout to discuss their topics, what the beachpreneur lifestyle means to them and tips to achieving it.… Read the rest