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How to Know if It’s Legitimate Work-At-Home Job or a Scam

Is it a Legitimate Work-At-Home Job or Scam?

The opportunities for work-at-home jobs continue to grow, but so do the number of scams targeting work-at-home wannabes. If you don’t want to be one of the millions of people losing money in your work-at-home quest, you need to arm yourself with knowledge on how to weed out the scams and deceptive schemes.… Read the rest

Scam Alert: Top Scams to Watch Out For

Beware of WAH Scams

Yesterday, a regular visitor of Work-At-Home Success contacted me saying she received a letter with a $1,384.70 check to “mystery shop” for “Honda of America”. My fingers couldn’t type “NO, DON’T DO IT” fast enough (and I type fast!). The checks looks real.… Read the rest

Scam Alert: Phone Calls “On Behalf of Amazon…”

Scam Alert: Phone Calls "On Behalf of Amazon"

Over the last few months, I’ve received phone calls from people saying they’re calling on behalf of Amazon and asked if it was true that I wanted to make money from home. Like most telemarketers, it didn’t matter that I said ‘no’, they kept talking, getting ruder and ruder.… Read the rest

Scam Alert: “Job Offer” Email

Scam Alert: "Job Offer" Email

I received the following email today offering me a cushy sounding job. Too bad it’s a fake check scam. I’ve posted the entire email below with my comments in red so you can learn to what to watch for if you get a letter similar to this.… Read the rest

Is It a Legitimate Work-At-Home Job or a Scam?

Is it a Legitimate Work-At-Home Job or Scam?

Despite Yahoo! and HP’s decision to bring telecommuters back to the office, the availability of work-at-home jobs continues to increase. Nevertheless, many people are still finding it difficult to find legitimate work-at-home jobs. Scam artists have created an illusion that all one needs to do is sign up and pay a fee to have a high-paying home-based job.… Read the rest

How to Avoid a Pyramid Scam

How to Avoid a Pyramid Scam

A challenge to finding a work-at-home opportunity is avoiding scams. One of the most feared swindles is the pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, most people do not know what a pyramid scheme is. As a result, they pass up viable direct sales opportunities they erroneously believe are pyramids, but sometimes get caught up in Internet or “investment” schemes that are illegal pyramids.… Read the rest

Scam Alert: Job Email from “CareerBuilder”

Work-At-Home Success Scam Alert

I received this email about a “job” that on first glance appears to be from CareerBuilder. However, red flags always go up when I receive an email about a job and upon closer investigation, I can say this email is a scam or possibly worse, a way to hijack your computer.… Read the rest

Tricks Scammers Use to Con You

Tricks Scammers Use to Con You

Last week I got an email asking about a mailing program. She said she’d sent her money but hadn’t heard anything and could I help. I asked for more details and she said she’d sent money to Preston Lord Enterprises, which she knew was in New Jersey, but couldn’t find a number to call.… Read the rest