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Work At Home Success Jobs & More Newsletter April 18, 2014

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Welcome to the weekly Work-At-Home Success Newsletter with 30 new job posts, Work At Home Success Podcast, recent news, home-based opportunities and much more! Be sure to check out “News from Leslie” for updates and important information!

This Week’s News:

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News From Leslie:

As you may have seen, I had some issues with the newsletter last week. In my desire to stay safe from Heartbleed, I accidentally deleted my database for WAHS. I was able to get it restored, but only until April 4. I did repost a few items from the following week, but the newsletter didn’t make it back up. However, aside from a back-end issue I’m having with WordPress, the site should be running fine. But let me know if you have any problems.

Along with managing Work-At-Home Success and several other blogs, I also write for other sites. Much of the content is required to be exclusive to the site, which means I can’t reprint it here. But it’s still information you might find helpful. Here are links to my content found on other sites:

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Do you have feedback? What to see a feature on the site or on the podcast? Do you have a request for a teleseminar? Contact me and let me know.

REMEMBER … only the items listed in the “Jobs At Here” section are job (employment) listings. You’ll find that section below “Recent Work-At-Home Jobs and News”.

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Work-at-home jobs are provided free through the support of:

Work At Home Jobs

READ FIRST! To apply to the jobs listed below, please follow the directions posted in the announcement. DO NOT CONTACT WAHS TO APPLY TO A JOB LISTED HERE. Work-At-Home Success is not representing or affiliated with the companies posted here. These jobs are found by Work-At-Home Success or submitted for posting. Further Work-At-Home Success can make no guarantees about the jobs posted. Remember to never pay money to get hired or use your personal bank account or credit card to help a company do business!! Please let me know if any job posted below asks for money or is otherwise questionable. Visit WAHS’s Scam Alert page to get information on protecting yourself from scams. Canadian jobs are listed in it’s own section below.

Administrative Support, Clerical Job, Customer Service


Virtual Support

Customer Service

Customer Service

Transcription (English and other languages)

Customer Service

Customer Service 1-800Flowers



Web Designer

Financial/Bookkeeping/Real Estate/Insurance /Business/Legal Jobs


Courthouse Researcher

PT Bookkeeper

Personal Assistant/Bookkeeper

Health/Wellness/Nursing/Medical/Social Work/Case Management

Bariatric Nurse Case Manager

RN Clinical Case Manager

PR/Marketing/Sales/Fundraising Jobs

RealEstate Blogger and Social Media

Resume / Cover Letter Writer



Social Studies Teacher

Art Adjunct Teacher

Online Tutors

Applied Behavior Analysis Adjunct Faculty


Danish Interpreters/Translators

Mandarin/Cantonese Interpreters/Translators


Assistant Editor

Ghost Writer

Script Writers

Tumblr Blogger

Content Writer

Chronic Pain Blogger

Miscellaneous Jobs

Canadian Jobs


Thai Translators

ECommerce Writers


English Tutors (Japanese speaking)


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More Resources To Find Work-At-Home Jobs

Want to find more jobs? Here are some of the sites I use to find jobs. These resources list hundreds of jobs in a variety of categories. Please note that the listings below are NOT jobs (jobs are posted above). These are services that provide work-at-home job announcements. Some are free and some aren’t. While you never ant to pay a company to hire you, it is okay to invest in a service that can help you find a job. The services below are the ones I use.

Telecommuting Job Databases (fee required to access these services)

FlexJobs- Has tons of work-at-home and flexible job options plus a personalized login system that will identify jobs that fit your criteria, ability to have multiple resume profiles, job search tips and checklists, and much more! For the number of jobs and added service, its a must use for the serious work-at-home job hunter.

HomeJobStop has over 100 jobs in clerical, and more in customer service, writing, transcription, miscellaneous plus 100′s of others. Very affordable.

Looking for work? Sign up at Elance and search over 30,000 jobs today.

Free job search sites (you need to search by keyword to find work-at-home jobs on these sites).

NEW! oDesk – Tons of freelance jobs in administrative support, customer service and more! Check out this video on how to find work-at-home jobs on

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Work-At-Home Success Podcast

This week I interview discuss a hodge-podge including keeping your computer safe from hackers and bugs, how to prepare a great PR piece, and how to use personal branding to improve job or business prospects.

You can get the podcasts through iTunes as well.

Listen here:

Resources listed on the show:

Keep Your Computer and Website Safe from Hacking

Write a Press Release that Gets Noticed

Develop a Personal Brand Mindset in the Workplace

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Recent Work-At-Home Jobs and News

I post work-at-home jobs every week day along with scam alerts, reviews and other work-at-home related news and information on the blog. Below are the latest posts. Visit the WAHS Blog for more.

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Work At Home Opportunities and Resources

Here are some work-at-home opportunities and resource currently used by visitors of Work-At-Home Success. These are not jobs. Opportunities are specific money-making programs, resources or educational materials that can teach you how to make money from home. Please note that Work-At-Home Success does not guarantee or endorse any of the opportunities or resources here unless otherwise stated. These opportunities and resources are offered to you for informational or educational purposes. It is up to you to research companies and find the best opportunity for you. For more information on protecting yourself, please visit WAHS’s Scam Alert

Advertise your opportunity here for only $7.00!

Work-At-Home Success University offers e-mail courses in finding a work-at-home job, writing online, blogging, being a virtual assistant and more.


Make Money Blogging - The creator of this program paid off over $70K in debt through blogging. Great details including videos to show you how to set up a blog!

WAHM-It – The Master’s Course:

Can you write a simple letter?If yes, you could be in big demand earning big money, writing just a few hours a day. Learn the secrets of this little-known, lucrative work. I found this course helpful. If I’d found it when I first wanted to work at home, I’d have probably ended up being a copywriter!

Make Money Selling On Ebay.

Get Cash for Web Content.

Click Here to Discover How to Become a Travel Consultant

How To Become a VA-


(WAHS Approved programs — those with the WAHS Approved icon — are those that I have either personally used or reviewed. Other opportunities or resources have been screened only. Note that these are business opportunities, affiliate programs, or educational resources and may have a fee. In any work-at-home venture, always do your research before joining.)

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Note: Work-At-Home Success contains advertising as well as screened work-at-home jobs and resources. Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you register or buy using the link. Occasionally, WAHS publishes "Supporting Contributor" posts or paid reviews for which compensation is paid. These posts are marked as such. All opinions are my own. Click here for full details and disclosures.

Are You Missing Out on Telecommuting Opportunities?

Are You Missing Out on Telecommuting Opportunities?
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When I first wanted to work-at-home, there wasn’t the number of opportunities for telecommuting as there are today. Like many before and after me, I hoped there was a company that would hire me to type or do some other menial job so I could stay home with my kids. And like those before me and after me, I discovered that typing and menial work-at-home job offers are usually scams. As I continued my search, I passed over many viable options in my quest for the job that was fast and easy, and as a result, it took me longer to become a work-at-home success. I want you to avoid the time and frustration I endured by giving a few tips to help you avoid missing telecommuting opportunities.

1. Stop looking for fast and easy. Searching for typing, data entry, etc will only slow you down because there is no fast and easy way to get a job. Further, it will increase your chances of getting scammed.

2. Be open to new options. Sometimes people are so focused on getting one type of job, that they miss others that could be as profitable and enjoyable. Instead, consider how you can use your skills, experience and interests in a variety of jobs.

3. Try. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, “I’ll never get that,” or “I’m not qualified,” or “I’m not good at that,”, but I tried anyway and got the work. Failure is a part of the process, but so is success. Even if you don’t think you can compete for the job, if you have enough skills, submit the best resume you can.

4. Be proactive. I once got a work-at-home job by sending a resume to organizations asking if they needed someone in my area. One replied and I worked from home for that agency for ten years. Sending a professional resume and cover letter that highlighted the benefits of telecommuting to the company was all it took to get a reply.

5. Learn a new skill. If you don’t have a skill needed to get a job, get the skill. Take a graphic design class at the local community college. Teach yourself WordPress. Learn to copywrite. Many work-at-home jobs don’t require advanced degrees. All they require is knowledge and skill that can be easily had for a few dollars and practice.

6. Keep up with technology. Just a few years ago, the job of social media marketer didn’t exist. Today, anyone who’d spent time learning Facebook and Twitter can now command good money to help others use these resources. The same is true for WordPress. These jobs don’t require any special education; after all, there isn’t a degree in Tweeting. Instead, companies are hiring people who have learned to use these tools and can help them make use of them as well. Learn emerging technology to increase your job options.

The opportunities for work-at-home jobs are everywhere, but they can be missed if you’re not open to seeing them. Use the tips above to make sure you’re not missing out telecommuting opportunities.

For tips on getting a work-at-home job check out:

Get a Work-At-Home Job from Work-At-Home Success University

Jobs Online: How to Find or Get Hired to a Work-At-Home Job (print or ebook – Kindle, Nook etc)

Note: Work-At-Home Success contains advertising as well as screened work-at-home jobs and resources. Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you register or buy using the link. Occasionally, WAHS publishes "Supporting Contributor" posts or paid reviews for which compensation is paid. These posts are marked as such. All opinions are my own. Click here for full details and disclosures.