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Work-At-Home Success Profile: Mystica Linforth

Mystica Linforth started Essential Oxygen 9 years ago while she had a successful raw foods company based in Austin, Texas. She had a mouth full of oral issues that no dentist could solve. Since she was submerged deeply into holistic health, she took on the challenge of correcting her periodontal issues herself.… Read the rest

3 Tips to Working At Home

Top 3 Ways to Succeed in Home-Based Work

Guest Post from Tricia Sciortino

Thanks to technology that enables collaboration from virtually anywhere and an evolving view of how teams can be configured, more employers today are willing to allow employees to work from home or hire independent, home-based contractors.… Read the rest

300+ Legitimate Companies that Will Pay You to Work At Home

300+ Legitimate Companies that Pay You to Work At Home

UPDATE (9/5/16):  This list was recently updated from 192+ to 300

When I first wanted to work-at-home, my options were limited to technical work, sales, writing, day care and direct sales. While each of these options still exist and are good income choices, the opportunities to make money from home are now vast and wide.… Read the rest


What Work-At-Home Technology Jobs are Expanding?

Guest Post by Brooke Chaplan

Technology is constantly evolving, and so are the jobs that related to it. Now more than ever, technology jobs are expanding as the demand for professionals to fix and handle every aspect of the devices people use in their everyday lives increases. Working as an IT professional isn’t just for big corporations either.… Read the rest

How to Make Your Telecommuting Resume Stand Out

Work-At-Home Success Expert Help: How to Make Your Telecommuting Resume Stand Out

Writing a great resume can be a challenge, even for job seekers with years of career experience. You want to make your resume stand out, but with all the advice out there on how to format and customize, it can be hard to know what works best. Should you use a traditional or creative layout?Read the rest


Become a Stay at Home Massage Therapist

Supporting Contributor Post

We have moved away from the regular jobs that workforce from our parents’ generation were part of. Given the dynamic nature of the job market today, many alternate careers can be pursued from the comfort of your home.… Read the rest


Work At Home Success Story: Landon Kennedy from Optimized Eating

This week’s Work-At-Home Success story comes from Landon Kennedy from Optimized Eating.

Landon is a life long learner. Since quitting his corporate job in 2013, he’s taken many jobs and courses to prepare him for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. He took a series of jobs, first as a landscaper, then a farm hand, and finally in a greenhouse.… Read the rest

90+ Ways to Make Money from Home

90+ Ways to Make Money At Home

I was asked the other day whether it was possible to work at home and what ideas I might suggest. The first part is easy to answer. Yes, it is possible to work at home. The second part is harder, because there are tons of ways to work at home.… Read the rest

When Fear Gets in the Way of Your Work-At-Home Dream

When Fear Stops You from Going after Your Work-at-Home Dreams

Fear–it happens to the best of us. Well, it happens to all of us, in fact.

And it often rears its ugly head when we’re looking to make a big life change, like starting a work-at-home business.

So how do you cope with it and move on?Read the rest

Expert Help

Expert Tips: Are there free and low cost ways to build a career from home?

One thing I hear a lot from would-be home-based workers is that they don’t have a lot of money to get started working at home. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a lot, or any, money. What you do need is a large amount of desire and consistent effort.… Read the rest