Truth about Surveys, Data Entry, Rebate Processing and More

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a great income earning program that didn’t require too much skill and yet paid well? While working at home is straight forward and fairly simple, its not always easy and it ALWAYS requires work. When you run across a work-at-home opportunity the promises big pay for easy work, you need to be skeptical and do your research.

Data Entry, Typing, Rebate Processing, etc: The truth is that you won’t find legitimate work in typing, rebate processing, repackaging, email processing, most data entry ads, envelope stuffing, and assembly work. So my suggestion is to not even bother looking at these offers. They are scams. For more information on protecting yourself, visit the scam page here at WAHS.

Surveys and mystery shopping: While you can make a few bucks and often get free stuff, you can’t make a living off these options. Further, most sites that charge you money to do surveys aren’t actually survey sites. They list survey sites. Real survey sites are free to join, as are mystery shopping sites. I list a few in the free report that comes with the newsletter subscription here at Work-At-Home Success. You can also check out this article on Can You Make Money With Surveys, which also lists a few survey sites.

If you’re serious about working at home, start your journey by reading the articles posted here. The more you know, the faster and easier it will be for you to become a Work-At-Home Success!

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4 Responses to Truth about Surveys, Data Entry, Rebate Processing and More

  1. Julie says:

    While most people think that working from home is easier, it isn’t always the case since work-at-home opportunities are not always stable.

    Thank you for posting. This will be very helpful for those who don’t have the luxury to leave their houses to look for jobs.

  2. LTruex says:

    Hi Julie, You are right. Many people get the idea that working at home involves signing up and doing menial work. Its an idea perpetuated by scammers. As far as stability… working at home today can be as stable or more stable than many traditional jobs. It just depends on the home-based opportunity. Thank you for posting.

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