10 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home During the Holidays


While you might not like that Christmas decor shows up earlier and earlier in the year, when it comes to making extra money for the holidays, the sooner you start the better. The truth is, as fall turns cooler, people recognize that the holidays are around the corner and start making plans. This makes the holidays an ideal time to make extra money or start a new career from home, since people are buying and need help at this busy time.  Here are 10 ideas to make and save money from home during the holidays.

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1) Clean the Clutter and Sell Your Stuff.

Holidays often mean guests, which means cleaning and decluttering your home. Why not make money from the unused and unwanted items you find as you clean? There are may websites that will pay for your used books, clothing, electronics, accessories and more. A great option that handles the hassle of packing and shipping for you is Fulfillment by Amazon. Simply list your items for sale and ship them all to Amazon. When they sale, Amazon will take care of packing and shipping them to customers for you. To learn more, check out WAHS’s article on How to Make Money with Fulfillment by Amazon. Also, check out Jessica Larrew’s free 7 Day Email Course: Everything You Need to Know to Start Selling on Amazon. 

To get a list of commonly sold items and a list of over 50 places you can sell your used stuff online, check out, Spring Clean Your Home for Extra Cash 

2) Take Surveys

You won’t make a steady, regular income taking surveys, but they can be a nice way to make extra income or get gift cards to use for Christmas shopping or as gifts. Some great survey companies to check out include:


Global Test Market 

Inbox Dollars (surveys and more. $5 sign-up bonus too!)

Harris Poll Online


Opinion Surveys

Survey Junkie

Survey Savvy


VIP Voice

Here are a few survey companies for those of you who live outside the U.S.


Panel Station – AU

Survey Junkie (AU)

Canada English

Global Test Market – Canada English

iSay Survey Panel – Canada English

My Survey – Canada English

Survey Junkie Canada

Canada French

Global Test Market – Canada French

iSay Survey Panel – Canada French

My Survey – Canada French


One Opinion – Germany

United Kingdom

One Opinion – UK

Panel Station – UK

Check out WAHS’s article on How to Make Money with Surveys for more information and survey resources.

3) Seasonal Home Based Customer Service Work 

Many companies are hiring extra help with customer service and order taking during the holidays. Many are flexible and part-time, allowing you to work around your current job or other commitments. If you do well, you might be able to turn a temp customer service job into something more permanent in the new year. For more information, check out Seasonal Work At Home Customer Service Jobs plus 9 companies that hire seasonal customer service agents.

4) Open A Dropship Online Store (free)

People are looking for unique items to buy as gifts for the holidays. GearLaunch offers a great way to create your own items (clothing, mugs, totes, etc) and sell them online without the tech know-how or expense in setting up an online store. It offers a turn-key, easy to use system that will dropship your creations to customers. And it’s free. You can sign up for GearLaunch here or check out WAHS article Set Up A Dropship Online Store Fast and Easy.

5) Start a Holiday Related Business.

The holidays are a busy time and many people and businesses hire extra help or need additional services to help them get through. A few holiday themed businesses you can start include:

For more ideas and tips, read 7 Holiday Business Ideas You Can Start Now

6) Do Mini-Tasks

Many businesses need extra help during the holidays as their workers take time off. Other businesses have an increased work load during the holidays. You can help them out by becoming a micro-worker. Your tasks can be varied from doing online research, data entry, writing, and more. Learn more about microwork plus get a list of 24 sites that offer microwork.

7) House/Pet Sit

Many people travel over the holidays and need someone to keep an eye on their home and their pets. If you plan to stay home during the holidays, consider house sitting or learn more about pet sitting.

8) Get Paid to Shop

The holidays is a big time of year for shopping. You can get paid for it in several ways. One option is to be a personal shopper.  You can check out Safeway, Instacart and Shipt for openings. Another option is to mystery shop, where you get paid to research stores and restaurants. A few places to check out include About FaceA Closer Look, and Call Center QA. You can learn more about mystery shopping and get more companies by checking out WAHS article Get Paid to Shop.

Finally, you save and earn money on your own holiday shopping through great resources such as

Be sure to check out WAHS’s articles, Make and Save Money on Everyday Tasks and 58 Smartphone Apps that Pay for more resources that help you save or make money.

9) Get Paid to Drive Your Car

There are several ways to use your car from taxing people around to advertising on your vehicle. Check out this article on 8 Places that Will Pay You to Use Your Car. Also, Amazon is paying drivers $18-$25 per hour in its delivery program.

10) Start a direct sales business

Many people are leery of direct sales, but they offer a great opportunity to earn an income part-time from home. Plus, if you pick a business idea that naturally lends itself to the holiday (i.e. a product people would by as a holiday gift), starting a direct sales business during the holidays is great way to jump start your income.  Before choosing a business opportunity, be sure to read 6 Criteria for Choosing a Home Business Opportunity and How to Build a Successful Direct Sales Business.

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