10+ Places to Sell Your Stuff Besides eBay


One of the fastest ways to make money from home is to sell your used and unwanted stuff around your home. The most obvious place to sell your junk is eBay, but it’s not the only place. Here are other places to you sell your stuff for some quick cash.

ArtPal is like Etsy for artists. If you paint, sculpt, make jewelery, take photos and do other crafts, try out Art Pal. Of course Etsy is another good choice for artists and crafters.

BigStockPhoto allows you to sell your digital photos. Check out WAHS’s article, “How and Where to Sell Your Photos” for 14 other places you can sell your photos.

Cash4Books will pay you for your used books. Enter the ISBN, get a quote and if you like it, use the prepaid shipping label to send it in. If your book isn’t included in Cash4Books, you can cell your used books at Amazon.com.

Decluttr buys old DVDs, CDs and games. You can enter up to 10 items to send in, get the prepaid shipping label and put in the mail. Once Decluttr gets the items, you’ll get paid by check. Amazon.com is another place to sell your used DVDs, CDs and games. You can also try your local GameStop for selling your games.

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry will buy old jewelry and items that “should have been jewelry”. There doesn’t seem to be a requirement that the jewelry actually be from an ex though:) You’re limited to five items at time. Be sure to read the safe buying and selling information.

Gazelle will buy you old electronics including smart phones, tablets, computers and more. Enter your device, get a quote, and if you like it, send in your gadget. Your local Best Buy will also buy used electronics.

Just Between Friends is ideal if you have maternity wear and baby items. You do need to bring your items to a local sales event, so it’s not completely from home. But at least you don’t have to ship items. Just Between Friends also offers income opportunities to earn a percentage of the sales made at it’s events by helping out.

Kindermint will buy your baby and children’s clothes up to size 8. Thredup will buy adult women’s (including plus size) clothes. Both work by ordering a free special packet or bag, filling it with clothes and sending it in. There are quality requirements, so read the information carefully.

Listia allows you to trade used items. You won’t earn money, but you’ll get credit that you can use to get free stuff listed on the site.

Sell My Wedding Dress is the place to sell your wedding dress. Instead of paying a commission, you’ll pay a listing fee of $19.95. Another option is StillWhite.com

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