10+ Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV and Videos


Imagine if you could get paid to watch TV! It might seem to good to be true, but in reality are ways to make money watching TV.  Some of these jobs might be challenging to find and get, but if you enjoy watching television, it wouldn’t hurt to add them to your possible work-at-home job list. Below you’ll find 10 ways you can get paid to watch tv, as well as videos and movies. While some of these options are jobs, others allow you to make extra income from your entertainment viewing.

Jobs Watching Television

Closed Captioner

Many shows offer live captioning for the hearing impaired or transcripts. Captionists need to be able to type quickly and accurately, up to 180 or 220 words per minute. Here are a few places you can check out for captioning jobs.


ASC Services

Caption Max

Caption Media Group – Search for these jobs on Indeed.com


Talking Type Captions

U.S. Captioning Company


Netflix Tagger

On occasion Netflix hires taggers to watch and categorize television shows. You can see if any positions are open by searching the Netflix Job Board using keyword tagger.

TV Clip Finder

Do you ever watch talk shows or the news that show clips of other shows? Many of these shows pay TV watchers to find clips of shows and news broadcasts to use. These jobs are challenging to find. You can search  WorkInEntertainment.com (you’ll need to register) or EntertainmentCareers.net to see if any TV watching jobs are available. You can search general job website such as Indeed.com for “watch tv” or some variation. You’ll get many other types of results, but you might find something related. You might also try MediaBistro.com, which lists jobs related to the media.

Extra Income Watching Television


Swagbucks offers several ways to earn points towards cash and giftcards, including watching videos. Plus you can earn more by referring others who can also make extra income earning Swagbucks by watching videos, searching the web, answering surveys, and more.

InBox Dollars

Another option similar to Swagbucks is Inbox Dollars, which currently offers a $5.00 sign-up bonus.


If you like TV and music, then Viggle is the app for you. Download the app (iPhone and Android) and then “check in” whenever you sit down to watch TV. Viggle can even tell you what’s on. You can also earn points when listening to music using song match, doing surveys, becoming a “fan” of shows, and referring friends. There is a social component that allows you to connect with other fans. Redeem points for electronics, trips, gift cards or entry into sweepstakes.

More Phone Apps

There are several other phone apps that will pay you to watch videos.

AppTrailers: Watch app trailer vidoes and earn points towards reward cards. iOS and Android

Instant Rewards: Get paid cash and rewards to watch app trailers, like pages on Facebook and more. iOS and Android.

Media Insiders: Earn points for giftcards or cash by watching TV. Android

Perk.tv: Earn points for giftcards and get entered to win cash.

10+ Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV and VideosPaid2YouTube

If you enjoy YouTube videos, you might want to check out Paid2YouTube.  This is basically a service that helps YouTubers get more viewers and engagement. You can get paid to watch videos posted my members of the site.

Nielsen Family

For many years, Nielsen has been surveying households on their viewing habits. The question was, how did a family get selected? Turns out you can’t apply to be a family. Instead, Nielsen randomly selects family’s to participate.  The good news is that every family has a chance to be selected.

While you might not be able to submit your name for the TV watching work, Nielsen does have other options for earning some extra income, including surveys through Pinecone Research and Nielsen’s Computer and Mobile panel that uses an app to track your digital activity for market research.

Movie Mystery Shopper

If you like the movies, you might try becoming a theater mystery shopper at VeriTES.

Theater Checker

Marketforce Information hires theater checkers (certified field associates) to mystery shop as well as exit polling, setting up promotional materials, and more.

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