12 Sites to Make Money Online Selling Your Knowledge


Odds are you know something that someone else is willing to pay to learn giving you the opportunity to make money selling your knowledge.

There are many ways to make money online with your knowledge including tutoringcreating information products or blogging. However, if you’d rather not go through all the time it takes to set up an information sales website and/or blog, and instead tap into a service that will host and process the payment of your knowledge, here are a few places you can try.

12 Sites to Make Money Selling Your Knowledge

Most of the options below that let you sell your knowledge are free (they take a cut of the payment when you make a sale). Further, they’ll host your profile, process payments and assist in the delivery. Some programs allow you to instruct by email, while others set up telephone or video call time.

Note that most of these options for selling your knowledge are best for earning extra income, or gaining expertise to enhance your resume or home business. With that, a few can earn good income if you’re able to attract a lot of people who want to pay for your knowledge. Some require a specific expertise, while others don’t have such a rigid acceptance policy.

  1. BrainMass – Academic subjects. Requires masters or PhD.
  2. Clarity – Business advice.
  3. Ether – Open to any topic. You can set your own price and you can sell digital products, as well.
  4. JustAnswer – Pays experts in a variety of areas including relationships, parenting, wedding, jobs, firearms, etiquette, engineer, law and more.
  5. Maven – “Microconsulting” site where you answer questions in many areas.
  6. Popexpert – Offer virtual video coaching in many areas including relationships, career, business and more.
  7. Presto Expert – Answer questions in categories of technology, counseling, education, health, design and business.
  8. SkillShare – Similar to Udemy, Skillshare lets you set up an online course, which is available to the Skillshare marketplace.
  9. Teachable – Through teachable you can set up an online course. It differs from SkillShare and Udemy in that it doesn’t have a marketplace, so you’d need to market your course (you can and should market your Skillshare and Udemy courses as well).
  10. Udemy– Offers course creation tools and a platform to teach and sell your knowledge.
  11. Wonder – Research answers to a variety of questions.
  12. Yondo– Create videos that you can then sell by subscription or rental.

Do you know of another site that will pay you for your knowledge? Let us know below.

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