14+ Places to Find Work-At-Home Clerical Jobs


The need for home-based virtual clerical help continues to rise. More and more people are venturing into freelancing and home business, and want help in taking care of busy work that frees them to do the work they do best. Here is information about the types of work home-based clerical workers do, and where you find jobs.

What Types Home Based Clerical Jobs Are There?

Providing clerical support from home, can be found listed under a variety of job titles including:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Virtual support
  • Virtual administrative assistant
  • Personal assistant
  • Online assistant
  • Remote administrative assistant

Some jobs are listed by the industry the employer is in such as:

  • Real estate assistant
  • Author’s assistant
  • Speaker’s assistant
  • Legal transcription

Some jobs are listed by a specific task such as:

The variety and scope of virtual support services is large, and can include email and calendar management, research, customer service, booking meetings and travel, and much more.

Skills Needed to Do Home Based Clerical Work

Your needed skillset will vary from job to job; however, at the very least you should have knowledge of and experience in:

  • Using a computer
  • Typing (at minimum you should type 30 words per minute, but some jobs require up to 80 words per minute or more.)
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding and following instructions
  • Being comfortable using the Internet
  • Being comfortable learning new technological systems
  • Being organized to juggle a variety of tasks
  • Accountability and dependability
  • Resourcefulness

Other skills that might be required include:

  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Answering or responding to phone calls/messages
  • Bookkeeping including invoicing and payroll
  • Knowledge of a specific industry, i.e. real estate to be a Realtor’s assistant
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Writing (i.e. articles)
  • Marketing and PR
  • Making appointments, ordering business needs, booking travel

Home Based Clerical Work Schedule

Providing clerical support services at home can offer flexibility, but much depends on the work and who you work for. Some businesses give you free reign to set your own schedule as long as the needed work is done. Others will ask that you work within specific hours, often during the business owner’s regular work day.

Most home-based virtual support work is part-time, but there are a few full-time options as well. Further, because most clerical type jobs are part-time and contract based, you can work for more than one client to create a full-time income. The only thing that might prevent you from working for more than one business is if one asks you sign a non-compete clause. In most cases, you can still work for another company as long as it ins’t one that would be in competition with the one needing a non-compete agreement. For example, a Realtor might want you to sign a non-compete agreement, so you’d want to stay away from working for another real estate agent or in that field. But perhaps you could provide similar administrative support to a home-based entrepreneur, without violating the non-compete agreement.

What are Home Based Clerical Support Workers Paid?

Earnings for work-at-home virtual support varies depending on many factors, including skills and experience required by the job. Virtual assistants that provide clerical work such as typing and data entry, usually are paid $8 to $15 per hour. Tasks that require more knowledge or experience, such as bookkeeping or marketing, usually pay more.

Virtual support jobs usually pay less than if you start your own virtual assistant business. VAs running their own business often charge $15 to $50 per hour, depending on the type of work they do.

How to Get Hired to do Clerical Work from Home

You want to approach getting a home-based clerical job the same as you would any other job. That starts by knowing the skills and experiences you can provide would-be employers. Consider taking a typing test, so you can put your typing speed on your resume.

Create a generic resume, outlining all the clerical types of work you’ve done and can do. When you find jobs that interest you, tweak your generic resume to better fit the needs to job.

Finally, search for home-based clerical jobs where jobs are posted, using the most common terms to find the work, such as “virtual assistant” or “virtual support.” Be careful around any job that advertises for “typing” or “data entry.” Often these “jobs” are scams. Remember, any job that asks for money for anything other than a background check, isn’t a job.

Where to Find Home Based Clerical Jobs

There are a variety of places that offer clerical work.

Finding Jobs

Places that Hire Home Based Clerical Workers

1-888 Type It Up

24/7 Virtual Assistants

EA Help



People Per Hour

Red Butler

Team Double Click

Time Etc.


Virtual Office Temps

Worldwide 101

Worldwide Office Support

Your Virtual Assistant


For date entry work, check out WAHS’s articles plus 15 resources for data entry jobs.

Learn about transcription, plus 8 places to find transcription jobs in this post.

Increase Your Chance to Get Hired to do Clerical Work at Home

14+ Places to Find Work-At-Home Clerical JobsHome based virtual support workers are in high demand, but getting hired can be a challenge, because it’s also a crowded and competitive marketing. You can increase your odds of getting hired by:

  • Search and apply regularly…daily if possible.
  • Writing a targeted, tailored resume for each job
  • Increase your skill set (the more you can offer, the more valuable and marketable you become). Some skills you should develop include using spreadsheets, photo editing (i.e. making social media graphics), using WordPress, writing (SEO and content writing), etc.
  • Keep your resume up-to-date on knew skills and resources you learn. For example, if you learn how to use WordPress, add that to your resume.
  • Use LinkedIn, and network on other social media sites as well.
  • Starting your own virtual support business, which will allow you to tailor your services and charge the fee of your choice.
  • Consider taking Work-At-Home Success University’s course on how to become a virtual assistant to get step-by-steps tips on finding work and/or starting a VA business.


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