15 Real Data Entry Jobs from Home without Fees


Probably the most common question emailed to me about working at home is how to get real data entry jobs without paying a fee.

While there are real data entry jobs out there, scammers often use work at home data entry jobs to lure their victims. So here’s the real deal on data entry work, and a few places to look for work if you find you still want to do online data entry work from home.

What is data entry work?

Data entry actually encompasses many job types. At it’s basic, it’s entering data into a company’s system. The data can include just about anything from words, numbers and/or codes. It could be simply entering data, or may include verification and editing of the data.  It can be time consuming and tedious, especially since pay isn’t that great. For that reason, you want to make sure it’s a job you want to do.

While some pay an hourly wage, many pay based on output (i.e. number of items entered).  The median hourly wage is about $13 per hour for all data entry type work and may be less for home-based data entry workers. Most the jobs listed below pay anywhere from $7 to $20 per hour.

Further, while there are full-time and steady data entry jobs, in the work-at-home world, data entry jobs might be part-time and/or irregular.
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What is required to do data entry?

In many cases, data entry workers need to know specific terminology of the industry or how to use a specific program into which the data is entered. For example, the medical field uses date entry workers where a knowledge of medical and/or insurance terms is important.

Data entry candidates may need to pass a typing speed and accuracy test. To test yourself, you can taking a typing test online by Googling typing test, or try out TypingTest.com. Note that these test for general typing speed and accuracy. Data entry jobs may have typing tests more geared toward data.

Finally, many employers are looking for experienced data entry techs. While some data entry from home jobs are open to entry-level workers, this is not a job you can simply sign-up to do. Any company that says otherwise is probably scamming you.

How to get a work at home data entry job.

The most important thing to remember about data entry work is that any company that charges you money to get hired isn’t legitimate.

Beyond that, data entry from home is like any other job. Employers will want you to prove you have what it takes to do the job, including data entry skills. You may be asked to take a typing test.  Further, you might be required to have specific equipment (i.e. high speed Internet and reliable computer).

IMPORTANT NOTE!! If the company says you have to buy their software or equipment, skip the job. This is another way scammers take your money, by selling you their equipment and tools. Legitimate companies may require you to have specific tools or equipment, but it won’t care how or where you get them, and it won’t sell them to you.

Where to look for work at home data entry jobs.

Data entry jobs are one of those types of work at home that you’ll want to be very careful in pursuing as scammers are looking for you. You’ll want to arm yourself with knowledge on how to spot scams to stay safe.

Below is a list of companies that hire home-based data entry workers. Please note:

    • These companies may or may not be taking on data entry workers at this time.
    • They may offer other types of work-at-home jobs, such as transcription.
    • Although these jobs have been screened, do your due diligence to research them.
    • Sometimes companies change the page their job information is provided on. If you get an error with a link below, go to the main home page of the site, and search for “careers,” “jobs,” or “work with us,” types of links. For example, if the URL jobsite.com/workforus isn’t working, go to jobsite.com to see if there is a new job link.

Axion Data Services

Axion Data Entry Job Axion rarely has openings and when it does, it doesn’t advertise them. The only way to learn about data entry job openings here is to register to be on it’s waiting list data base. Unfortunately, Axion charges $5-$10 to be listed.

Axion looks for people who have 2 to 3 years data entry experience with a keystroke rate of 15,000 keystrokes her hour (about 50 words per minute).

Axion data entry workers operate as independent contractors and pay varies depending on how fast and accurate you are ($5 to $19 per hour).

Other requirements include:

  • Window or Mac computer
  • High Speed Internet
  • Passing background check (you’ll be required to pay the security check directly to the company doing the background check).

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications Birch Creek Communications rarely has data entry openings, but often has openings for transcription, another form of typing job.

Jobs through Birch Creek Communications are independent contractor, which means you can take the jobs you want. It does expect you to be available to work Monday through Friday.

Pay is $0.40 to $1.75 per audio minute. People with 99% accuracy rates receive the upper range of pay.

Visit Birch Creek Communications to learn more about the job, or to apply, use the application process here.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing Capital Typing hires for several types of work-at-home jobs, including data entry, as well as transcription, bookkeeping, writing and more. The site doesn’t offer details on pay, but does say work is flexible with full or part time options. It appears to interview potential employees using Skype, so you’ll want to have that on your computer.

Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems Cass Information Systems is a business-to-business solutions provider offering a range of services including data verification clerk. It hires locally, but has a range of areas in which it works. According the site, they have a range of experience from graduates and entry level workers, up through mid-career people looking for a change.

It appears that Cass Information Systems hires employees (as opposed to contract workers), and offer benefits to full-time staffers, including:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance available first day of employment
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Semi-annual profit sharing bonus
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Company-paid life insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Tuition reimbursement


Clickworker Clickworker is a microtask site that has a multitude of small jobs in a variety of areas, including data entry. According to the site, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of experience, in that it provides training and support to help you develop the skills you need.

Depending on the job, and your quality and experience, you can earn $10 or more per hour. The average Clickworkers earns around $9.00 per hour.

Clickworkers have total flexibility of when, where, and how much work is done.


DataPlus+ DataPlus+ is all about data including data entry, database programming, data handling and reporting and more. It doesn’t have job information on the site, so you’ll need to use the contact option to inquire about work.

DionData Solutions

Dion Data SolutionsDion Data Solutions is another company that often isn’t open to hiring because it’s able to keep its data entry jobs filled. However, it’s a good one to keep on your list for checking the site to see if the job opens up. When it is hiring, it looks for people who can meet deadlines, type 60wpm and are familiar with basic computer functions like email, site navigation, etc.

Gorge Warehouse

Gorge Warehouse is a site that sells motor bikes and other fun vehicles. It offers several jobs, including data entry, that involved posting data to the website and internal database. The requirements are:

  • Type 30 words per minute
  • Experience with Front Page (which is old!)
  • Experience with Excel, Word, Access and Outlook (preferred)

The pay is $10.50 per hour.


LionbridgeLionbridge is a crowdsourcing or microwork site that offers a variety of work including data entry. It requires a typing test (60+ words per minute) that you can retake if you don’t pass the first time around.

Pay is $0.30 per 1,000 keystrokes. Pay increases with experience and skill working with the company.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical TurkAmazon’s Mechanical Turk is another microwork site that offers pay for many tasks, including data entry. It’s a great way to find data entry work, but also mix it up with other projects to keep your jobs interesting. One advantage of resources like Mechanical Turk is the ability to work when you want, doing the jobs that you want. While pay is often a little lower, it varies depending the job, skill level required, and amount of time to do it.

Red Vision (Now Data Trace Title)

datatraceThis company works with real estate titles offering a variety of services. It doesn’t have it’s job information on the site, so you’ll want to use the ‘Contact’ form to ask about jobs.


Sigtrack Sigtrack hires people to analyze data, more specifically, matching voter registrations. This is a U.S.-only job. Pay seems to vary depending on how much work you do and how accurate you are. To work for Sigtrack you’ll need:

  • Windows 7 Pro, 8.1+, or Mac OS 10.11+
  • Dual Monitors
  • 20MB Internet Speed


TDECFrequently is hiring data entry operators. It appears some jobs might be onside and others done from home. If you’re not sure, email the company to inquire about the home-based options. According to the site, the company offers benefits including:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Assistant Program
  • Paid Vacation, Sick Days and Holidays
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Disability and Life Insurance.

Note these benefit may only be for full-time, onsite staff.

Working Solutions


Working Solutions has a lot of customer service jobs from home, and on occasion, data entry work as well. Be sure to indicate your interest in data entry work when you submit your application. Knowing French or Spanish is a plus.

You can set your own schedule, but the company asks that you stick to the schedule you agree to. The pay varies depending on the job’s skill level. Most pay is between $9 and $30 per hour. You can earn $100 referral if you bring in a new worker.

The site has a job board that you check out for all work from home options.


XeroxXerox has many work-at-home jobs in a variety of areas such as customer service, administrative support, and data entry. They offer the Heros at Home program for vets and military spouses needing to work from home as well. Search the Xerox job board for work-at-home jobs by select “Yes” under the option for Virtual/Work From Home.


Where to Find More Data Entry Jobs

While the above companies frequently (or occasionally) have home-based data entry jobs, they’re not the only source of data entry job listings. Below are other resources for finding data entry jobs you can do at home. Do be careful about scams on the general job search sites.

FlexJobs: This link takes you directly to the data entry jobs category. For finding legitimate, screened, work-at-home jobs fast, plus getting company information, and a ton of resources and tips to help you get hired, Flexjobs is ideal for the serious work from home job hunter. Check out WAHS’s review of FlexJobs for more information.

FreelanceMyWay: Find many work-at-home jobs, including data entry. From the “Browse Jobs” tabs at the top, click on “Data Entry & Admin Jobs.”

HomeJobStop: This is another fee-based work-at-home database. It’s less expensive than FlexJobs, but less extensive as well. However, it often has data entry jobs listed. You can search by category or by keyword. Read WAHS’s review of HomeJobStop for more information.

Indeed.com: This link takes you to search results for “telecommute data entry.” Indeed is free to search and offers many work-at-home job options. Just make sure you screen the jobs carefully. While Indeed works to keep out the scams, a few sometimes slip through.

WAHS Job Board: Don’t forget that WAHS has job listings you can search for free.

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