15 No Experience Required Work At Home Typing Jobs


Are you interested in work at home typing jobs, but don’t have experience?

One of the challenges of getting hired to any job, much less a work-at-home job, is most require some experience.  But what if you don’t have a lot of experience or have been out of the work-world for awhile?  The good news is that there are work-at-home jobs that don’t require experience or are entry-level home-based jobs.

If you’re hoping to get paid to type from home, you should consider transcription jobs. If you don’t have experience in transcription, but can type, here are a few places to check out. Please note that just because a company doesn’t require experience, doesn’t mean it won’t require specific skills or equipment. Here’s what you should know about getting hire to do transcription work, even if you don’t have experience.

What Transcriptionists Do

The short answer is type. But there are several kinds of transcription, including medical, legal, business, and general. In most cases, you’ll need experience to do media or legal transcription. Business and general transcription offer more opportunities for the inexperienced typists. These jobs can involve a variety of typing projects including transcribing webinars, speeches or seminars, dictation, captioning and more.

What do Transcriptionist Earn?

Transcription jobs pay minimum wage to $15 per hour on average. Some types of transcription pay more (i.e. legal) especially if it also requires knowledge of the industry and industry terminology. More experience, as well as speed and accuracy can lead to higher pay.

What Education or Certification Do Transcriptionists Need?

Medical transcription often requires a certificate or experience as a medical transcriptionist (i.e. if you worked in a doctors office as a transcriptionist). Legal transcription may require experience or education as a paralegal. However, general and business transcription often doesn’t require any special education or training.

What Skills and Equipment are Needed to Be a Transcriptionist?

While you may not need experience, you should have a few basic skills and equipment as most companies don’t supply the tools you’ll need.

Quick typing speed and accuracy: Some jobs will ask for a specific typing speed, anywhere from 40 to 80 words per minute (wpm), and many will ask you to take a typing test. You can test yourself using a free online typing test offered at a variety of sites. But speed isn’t the only skill you’re tested on. You also need to be accurate, which means you can’t make many mistakes.

Good spelling and grammar: You’re creating a written document out of spoken word. You need to know when to remove the ‘ums’, add commas and punctuation, and how to spell the words being spoken.

Computer and internet access: Some transcription companies have very specific requirements to the quality of equipment and speed of Internet you’re required to have. Some only work with PCs (no Macs) or vise versa.

Foot pedal to control audio playback: Many employers will expect you to have the tools and equipment needed to do the job, including a foot pedal that allows you to stop, start and control the speed of the audio playback while you type.

Many transcription companies will require that you work set hours or a set number of hours a week. Some ask that the transcription work be your main source of work (i.e. not something you do on the side or for short term).

Companies that Hire Transcriptionists without Experience

Please note that these companies have no- to little experience required for their transcription jobs AT THIS TIME. Before applying to any of these jobs, read the job requirements carefully and follow the directions for submitting your application.

  1. 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP
  2. AccuTran Global
  3. American High Tech Transcription
  4. Birch Creek Communications
  5. Cambridge Transcription (says experience can be useful but not necessarily required)
  6. Casting Words Workshop
  7. CrowdSurf
  8. Daily Transcription
  9. GoTranscript
  10. Neal R. Gross & Co.
  11. Quicktate / iDictate
  12. RNK Productions
  13. Scribie
  14. Tigerfish
  15. TranscribeMe!

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