15 Work At Home Online Moderator Jobs


Do you participate in discussion groups, forums, and/or social media? Do you enjoy interacting with people online? Then becoming an online moderator might be a great work-at-home option for you.

What is Online Moderation?

If you’ve participated in online discussions, you know that not everyone is nice and some people are downright mean. Others break the forum’s rules, such as posting spam ads. Most companies that utilize online social interaction with its market has strategies and policies that govern the forum to keep it safe and fun for everyone. Online moderators are the ones that ensure the strategies and policies are carried out.

What do Online Moderators Do?

Actual job duties can range and depend a great deal on how the company chooses to interact with its market. This can include online forums, groups, chat and social media. But some tasks online moderators are asked to do include:

  • Review and moderate user-generated content, profiles, images, and any other items members post.
  • Provide customer service.
  • Ban users who violate the rules.
  • Create and post content to foster interaction and/or further the company’s social strategies.
  • Gather insights and provide feedback to the company about what’s going on in the community.
  • Anticipate issues, and deal with them before they become problems.

What is Required to Become an Online Moderator?

Each company will have it’s own requirements, but a basic list of what moderators should know include:

  • Knowledge and experience in online communities and social networks.
  • Clear and effective written communication skills.
  • Ability to learn technical tools.
  • Good customer service and diplomatic skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Flexible schedule. Maybe be required to work weekends or nights.
  • Bilingual ability is a bonus and sometimes a requirement

What do Online Moderators Get Paid?

You won’t get rich doing online moderation. Most jobs are part-time and pay $8 to $15 per hour.

Sources for Online Moderator Jobs

Online moderator jobs can be found list on job sites or on WAHS’s Job Board. Below are companies that hire community moderators. Please note, these companies may or may not be hiring at this time.


Alchemic Dream



Bazaar Voice




Ignite Social Media


Live World

Metaverse Mod Squad

Quiip (Australia)



Other Sources of Information

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