16 Online Work-At-Home Teaching and Tutoring Jobs


Teachers have it pretty good, or so some media outlets would have you believe. They work from eight to three, and have summers off. But most teachers know that despite the summer break (during which most teachers I know work another job), teaching is a challenging job that takes many after-work hours to do well. Like any other jobs outside the home, teaching has the same challenges as other jobs; commuting, long hours spent away from family, and low pay. Fortunately, the growth of virtual teaching and tutoring has made working at home a viable option for teachers.

Like other jobs, online teaching and tutoring requires you have specialized skills and experience. In many cases, for elementary and upper grade teaching, you’ll likely need a teaching license in the state the job is being offered. Teaching at the college level requires a minimum of a Master’s degree.

With that said, there are some tutoring jobs that simply require a knowledge of the topic, and patience for working with students. Below are several resources to find virtual teaching and tutoring jobs.

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Aim For A Tutoring
Course Bridge
Connections Academy ( Look for jobs that say “home based”)
Dissertation Advisors
ECOT (Substitute Teachers)
Homework Tutoring
Kaplan (enter “virtual” in the search box)
Pearson Educational Assessment (at home scorers)
Smart Thinking
University of California, Berkeley Online Extension
VIPKID (Check out WAHS’ post on VIPKID)
Virtual University

You can find a list of over 40 teaching and tutoring job sources in the Online Job Resource.

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16 Online Work-At-Home Teaching and Tutoring Jobs

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