167 Entry-Level Work-At-Home Jobs. Apply Today!


It wasn’t so long ago that I did another post with only 150 entry level work at home jobs, and no experience work at home jobs, but I’ve found a few more!

Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s no different for work-at-home jobs. If you’re new to the workforce, or have been out of it for a little while, there are work-at-home jobs that don’t require experience.  Please note, that just because a company may be willing to hire inexperienced people, doesn’t mean they don’t want workers who have some level of skill or equipment. Customer service jobs require a friendly demeanor and pleasant voice. Further, not all companies listed below may have entry-level job openings at this time. For example, a company that sometimes hires entry-level customer service, may currently only have openings for level II or experienced CSRs. You’ll need to check with each company to see what they have available at this time.

Also, be sure to check out WAHS’s giant list of over 300 companies that hire people to work at home.

167 Entry-Level Work-At-Home Jobs

Customer Service/Tech Support/Research/Fundraising

Customer service agents take orders, make reservations and solve problems. While some customer service jobs require experience in customer service, many are looking for people who have pleasant demeanor and can work with the public. Customer service reps get paid anywhere from $9 to $15 per hour, sometimes a little more. Check out this video and list of customer services companies to learn more. Other jobs listed here include providing tech support, research, fundraising and more all done by phone.

34 Companies that Hire Customer Service and Other Phone Work

  1. 1800Flowers
  2. ADC Direct
  3. AKS
  4. Alpine Access
  5. Amazon (this is a “work at home” search result)
  6. Apple At Home
  7. Apptical
  8. Arise
  9. Aspire Lifestyles (concierge)
  10. Asurian
  11. Call Center Options
  12. Call Center QA (Mystery shop )
  13. Centurylink
  14. Cloud10 Corporation
  15. Concentrix
  16. Contract World
  17. Convergys
  18. Humantic (listen to recorded calls)
  19. Intelichek (Mystery shop)
  20. Live Ops
  21. MaritzCX (Research. Search “virtual” on left side of page)
  22. NexRep
  23. Perception Strategies (mystery shop)
  24. Pleio
  25. Sitel
  26. Sutherland Global
  27. Sykes
  28. TeleTech
  29.  U-Haul
  30. Westat
  31. West At Home
  32. Verafast
  33. VIP Desk
  34. Working Solutions

Clerical/Virtual Support/Data Entry

The need for administrative support continues to grow as more and more businesses seek to outsource it’s clerical tasks.  The duties of a virtual support worker varies greatly, and the pay is anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour depending on the work.

17 Companies that Hire Clerical/Virtual Support

Some of these jobs may require a specific typing speed and other skills.

  1. 1-888 Type It Up
  2. 24/7 Virtual Assistants
  3. EA Help
  4. FancyHands
  5. Lifebuishido
  6. People Per Hour
  7. Red Butler
  8. SaviorFaire
  9. Team Double Click
  10. Time Etc.
  11. Vasumo
  12. Vicky Virtual (Virtual receptionist)
  13. Virtual Office Temps
  14. Worldwide 101
  15. Worldwide Office Support
  16. Your Virtual Assistant
  17. Zirtual

15 Companies that Hire Data Entry

  1. Axion Data Services
  2. Birch Creek Communications
  3. Capital Typing
  4. Cass Information Systems (Data Verification Clerk – hires locally)
  5. Clickworker
  6. DataPlus+
  7. DionData Solutions
  8. Gorge Warehouse
  9. Lionbridge
  10. Mechanical Turk (Crowdsourced micorwork. Check out other microwork sites for data entry work.)
  11. Quicktate
  12. Red Vision
  13. SigTrack
  14. TDEC
  15. Working Solutions

Online Chat

Online Chat workers provide customer service and support, including helping people choose the best service or product for them, troubleshoot problems (i.e. web hosting issues), and answer questions.  Below are a list of places that hire chat agents. Note that not all may be hiring at this time. Some have other work options such as phone customer support.

10 Companies that Hire Online Chat Workers

  1. Apple At Home Advisor
  2. Capital Typing
  3. G5Live
  4. Needle (Earn money or points by helping customers in its online store)
  5. Site5
  6. SiteStaff (chat host)
  7. Talk2Rep
  8. Televated
  9. The Chat Shop
  10. Uber – Email support

Online Moderation

Online Moderation varies depending on how the company chooses to interact with its market. It can include online forums, groups, chat and social media, but also, review and moderate user-generated content, customer service, foster interaction, and handle issues (such as banning members who violate rules. Note that while these companies may be open to entry-level workers, you should have experience being involved in online forums and social media.

15 Companies that Hire Online Moderators

  1. 99DollarSocial.com
  2. Alchemic Dream
  3.  Ask.com
  4. BabyCenter
  5. Bazaar Voice
  6. CrispThinking
  7. eModeration
  8. ICUC
  9. Ignite Social Media
  10. Lithium
  11. Live World
  12. Metaverse Mod Squad
  13. Quiip (Australia)
  14. Yelp
  15. Zynga


Again, you can find many entry-level jobs that involve typing; however, some typing/transcription/captioning jobs may require a specific typing speed and passing a typing test. Further, some my require knowledge in an industry.

36 Work-At-Home Transcription Jobs

  1. 3 Play Media
  2. Accutran Global
  3. Accentance
  4. AppenScribe
  5. American High Tech Transcription
  6. BabbleType
  7. Bam!
  8. Cambridge Transcription
  9. CastingWords
  10. Crowdsurf
  11. Deposition Services Inc.
  12. eTranscription Solutions
  13. Fantastic Transcripts
  14. Focus Forward
  15. GMR Transcription
  16. GoTranscribe
  17. Mass Transcription
  18. Neal R. Gross 
  19. Net Transcripts
  20. Perfect Transcription
  21. Rev
  22. RNK Transcription
  23. Scribie
  24. SpeakWrite
  25. SpeechPad
  26. Task Transcription
  27. Tigerfish
  28. Transcribe.com
  29. TranscribeMe!
  30. Transcribe Team
  31. Transcription Divas
  32. Transcriptions & Translations
  33. TruTranscripts
  34. TSI Transcription
  35. Ubiquis
  36. Verbalink

9 Work-At-Home Captioning Jobs

  1. Aberdeen
  2. ASC Services
  3. Caption Colorado
  4. Caption Max
  5. Caption Media Group – Search for these jobs on Indeed.com
  6. Rev
  7. Talking Type Captions
  8. U.S. Captioning Company
  9. Vitac


The creation of VOIP and online video chat has made it easier than ever to tutor or teach online no matter where you and the student lives.  Tutors/Teachers can teach most anything from English as a Second Language.

3 Work-At-Home Tutor/Teaching Jobs

  1. italki (language tutors)
  2. SameSpeak (English language tutor)
  3. Tutor.com (open to college students)

 Web Testers/ Evaluators

Web testers and evaluators use company websites, online search, and social media to determine ease of use, and reports back on any issues, glitches or areas that usability can be improved. These jobs are often called web tester, search evaluator, and ad quality rater.

21 Work-At-Home Web Tester/Evaluator Jobs

  1. 99Tests (software)
  2. Appen (social media evaluators)
  3. A Try Box – (apps)
  4. Enroll (websites)
  5. Ferpection (websites and apps)
  6. Google (search “Ad Quality Rater”)
  7. iSoftStone (Ads)
  8. LeapForce (search engine evaluator)
  9. Lionbridge (Ads assessor)
  10. StartUpLift.com (websites)
  11. Test Birds (websites and apps)
  12. Test Fairy (mobile apps)
  13. Testing Time (digital products)
  14. Try My UI (websites and apps)
  15. UberTesters (apps)
  16. Usability Hub (short usability tests)
  17. User Feel (websites and apps)
  18. Userlytics (website, apps and more)
  19. UserTesting.com (websites and apps)
  20. User Zoom (websites)
  21. What Users Do (websites)

Writing Jobs

Writing is one of the most flexible, portable type of work there is. Writing is a job that offers many options for the entry-level telecommuter; however, it does require a great command of the English language, knowledge of spelling and grammar, and the ability to string words together coherently. Online writers can be asked to compose anything from blog posts and articles, sales letters, social media messages, email, and more.  It’s probable that you’ll be asked to submit a writing sample before being hired.

7 Work-At-Home Writing Jobs

  1. Blogmutt 
  2. Content Divas
  3. Crowd Content
  4. Domainite
  5. Ezdia
  6. Textbroker

Digital Writer SuccessIf you want to know more about making a living writing online, check out Digital Writer Success: How to Make a Living Blogging, Freelance Writing and Publishing Online, available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in print and ebook formats.

Increase Your Chance to Get Hired to Work at Home

Home based workers are in high demand. But getting hired can be a challenge, because it’s also a crowded and competitive, especially for entry-level or no-experience required work. You can increase your odds of getting hired by:

  • Search and apply regularly…daily if possible
  • Write a targeted, tailored resume for each job
  • Expand and improve your skill set (the more you can offer, the more valuable and marketable you become). Some skills you should develop include using spreadsheets, photo editing (i.e. making social media graphics), using WordPress, writing (SEO and content writing), etc.
  • Keep your resume up-to-date on knew skills and resources you learn.
  • Use LinkedIn and other networking resources.


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