20 International Work-At-Home Job Resources


I get emails every now and then from WAHS visitors who live outside the United States asking about work-at-home jobs in other countries.  I have some information about international telecommuting, but I thought it might be helpful to list companies that hire outside the U.S. These companies don’t necessarily hire in all countries. For example, a company may hire only in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Like any other employer, these companies are looking for people who have specific skills and interests. Further, while these companies hire international workers, there is no guarantee they have openings at this time.

1-800-Translate – Translation Jobs

About.com – Expert topic guides/writers

AccuTran Global – Translation jobs

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – Micorwork Jobs

Aim-for-A Tutoring – Tutoring

Appen – Transcription/Translation

CCI Call Center International Multilingual Call Center

Classof1 – Tutoring

Clickworker – Microwork

Demand Studios – Writers, Editors, Videographers

Lionbridge – Translation, Web Evaluators

Quicktate – Transcription

SDL – Translators

Sun Microsystems IT, Support

TeleTech@Home– Call center

Tutorvista.com– Online tutoring

VIPdesk– Call center

WordExpressTranslation, desktop publishing, voice over, sales

Working Solutions – Call center, customer service

WorldLingo – Translation

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