36 Big Name Companies that Hire Home-Based Workers


The most common question I’m asked about finding work-at-home jobs is, “How do I know it’s legitimate?” It’s a valid question, as there are many unscrupulous people in the world ready to steal your money and work-at-home dreams. Fortunately, telecommuting has become a popular way for many big-name companies to save money and hire the most qualified employees no matter where they live.

Here is a list of companies you’ve likely heard of that frequently hire home-based employees.

Note: The links may or may not take you directly to work-at-home jobs. In some cases, there may not be current openings. In other cases, you’ll need to do a search using “work at home” (in quotes), telecommute, virtual or remote to find available home-based jobs.

36 Big-Named Companies that Hire Home-Based Employees

1-800-Flowers – Seasonal and regular customer service

Aetna – Insurance-related, case managers, etc

Amazon – Customer support.

American Airlines – Reservations agents. Usually you have to live within a specific area for onsite training. Workers may be required to work onsite for a period (i.e. six months) before being allowed to work at home.

American Express – Travel counselors and customer service.

Anthem – Insurance related, case management, etc.

Apple – Apple-product related support and services.

Capital One – Customer service.

Carnival – Vacation planner, travel agent.

CenturyLink– Customer service, sales and support.

CVS Caremark – Medical-related work such as pharmacist, nurse educators etc. Usually have to live within a certain area.

Dell – Many job types including claims examiners, technical work, and customer support.

Discover – Most remote jobs are for people who are in or are related to people who are in the military.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car – Reservation agents. Usually you have to live within a certain area.

Esurance – Sales agents and reps.

General Electric – Jobs in different areas. Some in support.

Groupon – Customer service.

Hilton – Reservations, customer service, guest experience specialists. Usually have to live within a specific area, most often Texas.

Home Shopping Network – Customer service. Usually you have to live within a specific area. Most jobs I find are in Virginia, Tennessee and Florida.

Humana – Medical and insurance related jobs.

IBM – Technical, computer, programming jobs.

Intuit – Software support and tax advisors.

JetBlue – Reservations agents. Utah or Florida.

Kelly Services – Under “Refine Search” choose “Flexible Options,” and “Work At Home” then click the “Refine Search button. Jobs in a variety of areas.

Mayo Clinic – Coders, transcription and clinical specialty reps.

Neiman-Marcus – Customer service. Usually have to live within a certain area.

Nordstrom – Customer service.

Rosetta Stone – Language tutors.

Teleflora – Seasonal customer service.

U-Haul – Customer service, roadside assistance.

United Health Group – Medical and insurance related jobs.

Wells Fargo

Xerox – Customer service, technical support, verification, admin support and more.

Many big name companies use services to manage their customer service needs. Some places to check are:

Live Ops

Sutherland Global

VIP Desk

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