28 Work At Home Jobs that Pay $20 Per Hour or More


One complaint I receive from WAHS readers is how hard it is to find good or high paying work at home jobs. While working at home can save a lot of money, and chances are you don’t need to earn as much from home as you would outside the home, there are ways to get higher paying work-at-home jobs.

Below is a list of companies that sometimes have work-at-home job openings that pay $20 per hour or more. However, there are a few things you need to note about these jobs:

  1. Higher paying jobs often require specialized skills, experience, or education. For example, many require technical, programming or health care skills. Some are teaching/tutoring or writing. There is a variety, but again, most require special experience or skills.
  2. Not all the jobs listed on these sites pay $20 per hour. Like many companies, these resources may have several job openings all of which will have different rates of pay.
  3. Not all jobs listed on these sites may be work-at-home jobs. Many companies have both, on and off-site jobs.
  4. For some of these jobs, your pay will be depend on how quick or good you are (i.e. transcription or number of calls you can take per hour)
  5. Some of these jobs have lower starting pay, but you can work your way up to $20 or more per hour.
  6. I can’t guarantees that these companies have work-at-home jobs available at this time.
  7. Many of these jobs not only pay fairly well, but some offer additional benefits, such as health insurance and 401K.

28 Work-At-Home Jobs that Pay $20 Per Hour or More

The links below take you to the company’s career page. Note that some will require you to submit your email for updates on jobs. Others will have their jobs listed, while some you’ll need to do a search on their job boards. Use words such as “work at home” (in quotes), remote, telecommute, or virtual when searching a job board.


ACD Direct (click on “Become an Agent” at the top)

American Journal Experts

A Pass Educational Group

Art & Logic

Book In A Box




Circlelink Health

Educational Testing Service

Envision Pharma Group




In Demand Interpreting

Language Service Associates

Live Ops


Manhattan Prep





Revolution Prep

Show Mojo

Transcribe Me


Working Solutions

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