3 Most Important Traits for A Work-At-Home Professional To Have


Success Traits You Need to Work At Home

Have you ever looked at someone who is successful in their chosen career and wondered how they do it? Most successful professionals seem to have it easy, but if you were to talk to them, you’d discover that road wasn’t always smooth. So how is it some people achieve success where others don’t. In many cases it has to do with traits and mindsets people possess. We asked these experts what traits are necessary to overcome the challenges and achieve success.

Amanda Abella


1. Believe you deserve to make money. When you don’t have a mindset that what you have to offer is valuable, you’ll undercut yourself all the time. You’ll find yourself struggling to get paid and your business will flounder, and maybe even go under. Believe that what you have to offer is

2. Don’t say yes to every opportunity. When you say yes to anything and everything, you spend time and money on things that are not propelling your business forward. You’ll find yourself having your business focus not be focused at all and you’ll struggle to find time to say yes to the right opportunities.

3. Give your people what they want. When it comes to providing value – and growing your business – listen to those that are willing to pay you. What do they want from you? Focus on those things – even if they are stretching you.

Ross Simmonds

Foundation Marketing 

Curiosity: The most successful people I know are constantly curious. They are looking for answers to hard problems and are constantly looking to learn about ways to improve the lives of others and their own.

Resilience: On the journey to success it’s likely that you’ll get punched in the face a few times. Investors will say no. Clients will walk away. And employees will quit. In all of this, you still need to stay committed to your goal and push through with resilience.

Hustle: Nothing substantial has ever been created without hard work. You need to be willing to put in the work to achieve your goals.

Veronica Hanson

Vacay Visionary

There are three traits I’ve always said work at home entrepreneurs need in order to be successful.

1) The first trait is likely the most written about, an entrepreneur needs to be passionate in order to succeed. Unfortunately, many people begin and end with the passion without considering other aspects that lead to success.

2) The second trait someone needs to be successful as a work at home business owner is the ability to self motivate. Being your own boss is not as simple as showing up for a specific number of hours and getting paid for your time. You need to have money making tasks organized and ready to execute.

3) The third trait a WAH entrepreneur needs to have is flexibility. As a small business the ability to pivot is incredibly advantageous. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs get stuck on an idea and aren’t able to change their ways to improve results. If a business owner can keep their options open and be willing to change as opportunities arise, they are much
more likely to achieve success.

Deborah Sweeney


Time management skills. It’s easy to get sidetracked when working from home, whether you’re falling down an inbox rabbit hole or getting distracted with too many tabs open on your desktop/laptop screen. Plan out your day in advance and allocate specific pockets of time to accomplish various tasks.

Staying organized. Make sure everything, from meetings you’re taking to projects you’re working on, are organized and accounted for. You might want to stay organized through a variety of ways, from using a paper planner to downloading an app to help organize your tasks.

Positive attitude. Rain or shine, busy day or quiet afternoon, you’ll need to be present for your business and maintain a good attitude about its growth and future.

Ryan Knoll

Civil Hair

The number one thing it takes to be successful over any skill or demeanor is grit. It’s the ability to not give up when things don’t work out and persevere through hard times and adversity. Grit is essential for anyone who wants to be successful.


Will Craig


An Appetite to Learn: Developing an appetite to learn is, without doubt, the most beneficial personality trait for an entrepreneur to cultivate. The modern world moves so quickly that even very traditional industries are having to completely reinvent themselves. If you have one way of doing something and if you aren’t interested to learn new skills, you won’t keep up with change and your business will fail. It’s tough to hear but that doesn’t make it any less true.

A Questioning or Inquisitive Streak: The reality of most industries is that everything easy to do has already been done. What makes an entrepreneur different to a regular business person is that they don’t do the easy thing. They don’t do the thing that’s been done a million times before. Entrepreneurs defy conventional wisdom and take the brave choice. They break the mould and try new things. They take risks and found the brave company. They create the products and services that people need but which they don’t know about yet.

Note From Leslie:

You’ll notice that many of the ideas our experts shared have to do with inner strength. The reality is, building a home based career isn’t a secret. The steps are straightforward: You need an idea, a plan, and then to do the plan. So the factors that divides those who achieve success and those who don’t have to do following through on the steps. The question becomes then, why aren’t some people doing the steps? Here are my thought on what it takes to succeed:

  1. Commitment in the face of failure. While belief  that you can succeed goes a long way to motivating you, there will be times your belief in yourself is tested. This is where some people give up. But a successful person will continue to work their plan, even when they feel defeated. This is sometimes call grit or tenacity, but it starts with commitment. Staying the course when things get rough is really where success begins. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t had failures and challenges in their quest to work at home. The difference between them and those who don’t achieve their goal is that they were committed and kept working until they achieved success.
  2. Accountability to yourself. People are often more accountable to others than they are to themselves. They’ll continue to work on something if they know someone else is relying on it, but will let it go if it’s just for themselves. Don’t do that. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t fail yourself. It can help to join an accountability or other group that can help you problem solve or simply cheer you on. The WAHS Kickstart can help with that.
  3. Willingness to step outside the comfort zone. Building a work-at-home career means learning new things, whether it’s new technology or new skills. It can require putting yourself out there so that others can hire or buy from you. While the Internet has made it easier to make money without face-to-face encounters, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and let money roll in without putting in the effort, much of which may be hard or scary.

Do you have a success trait you think people need to achieve their work-at-home goal? Let us know in the comments below.

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