3 Tips for How to Get More Done When Working at Home

3 Tips to Getting More Done Working At Home

I’m sure you can think of the many benefits of working from home: setting your own hours, no office commute, saving money on childcare, wearing sweatpants all day if you want to—the list goes on and on.

But when it comes down to getting actual work done, do you find yourself distracted at home? After all, there are chores to do. It’s really nice outside and the pool is calling your name. You want to know if there’s anything good on daytime TV. You’re thinking maybe you could use a three-hour nap. And then there’s Facebook. It sucks you right in!

If you find yourself distracted and not able to focus on the actual work in your “work at home” scenario, here are some tips on how to actually get things done:

#1: Avoid distractions

Only have in front of you anything that relates to exactly what you’re working on at that moment. This includes anything on your computer as well as pieces of paper, notebooks or other things that might be in your work space.

Close all apps and programs not in use for the task at hand on your computer.

Turn your phone off. If you have a little one at school or need your phone to be on for emergency reasons, at least turn off all notifications and put the phone somewhere that you can’t see the screen.

#2: Set boundaries

Make sure family, friends and neighbors know not to disturb you when you’re working. If you have an office, shut the door. If you have children, tell them exactly what time you’ll be finished with work, and that they will get your undivided attention at that time.

We also have a “no soliciting” sign in our front yard that prevents those random afternoon interruptions from sales people.

Here’s another little trick for you if you’re having problems establishing boundaries with people “dropping by” unexpectedly. This one works if you have small children at home with you during the day while you’re working. When my son was small and would take naps, I used to put a sign on our front door telling people that there was a child sleeping—and not to knock on the door or ring the bell unless it was an emergency. I quickly realized this sign also came in handy if I left it up during my work hours so that I wouldn’t be interrupted by anyone at the door!

#3: Stay focused

Set a timer for how long you want to work on a given task. Focus only on that task until the timer goes off.

Give yourself small breaks to get more water, a snack or to stretch for a bit.

Know your ideal times of day when you are most productive at certain activities. If you can’t work at your most ideal times, then make sure you have a list of exactly what you need to do and time blocks marked out in your schedule to complete things.

Create a list or schedule the day before for the next day’s tasks. When you’re ready to get started the next day, you can just refer to that list.

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5 Responses to 3 Tips for How to Get More Done When Working at Home

  1. Those are some great tips! The sign on the door won’t work for a mother who drops by without calling, however. For her, I have to shut the door of my office and ignore the buzzer.
    Patti Bagadion´s last blog post ..New Life For Your Audio

  2. LTruex says:

    Yes, sometimes ignoring is the only answer. I think WAHMs are the queen of tuning out just for that reason. Thanks for posting Patti!

  3. Sara says:


    Focus is something I struggle with. It’s funny because it is something I write about. I’ve tried so many things and different things worked for different periods of my life.

    Right now, I do not have little ones. I use technology to help me stayfocused (stayfocusedapp.me). LOL it’s an app – it blocks certain sites during work hours.

    Timers are helpful too.

  4. LTruex says:

    That’t the thing about organization and productivity, different things work for different people. It’s definitely harder with little kids, but doable if you can find a system. You’re right Sara in that apps and tools can be a big help. Thanks for posting.

  5. Alicia Jay says:

    I agree with you both, Sara and Leslie! Sometimes certain things will work for us for a while, and then something changes in our lives and we have to search for different ways to organize and be productive. Good thing we’re entrepreneurs and we understand the need to be flexible!

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