30 Email Ideas to Send Your List When You’re Stuck on What to Write


I’ll admit it…I often get stuck on email ideas to send to my subscriber lists, as well as email marketing ideas. It’s a challenge to come with an email marketing strategy that strikes the right balance of sending value frequently enough without overdoing it and annoying subscribers.

One solution I’ve set up here at WAHS is to have regular newsletter emails twice a week that includes jobs. While the jobs portion is easy to do, I still get stuck on  email ideas I can send and email marketing ideas, especially to my other lists that don’t have a set schedule.

I’m a concrete person who likes checklists and so I decided I’d create a list of email ideas that I can refer to it whenever I’m stuck. Here are 30 ideas on what you can email your list beyond your welcome email.

Email Ideas to Send Your List

  1. Breaking news
  2. New content (i.e. new blog post)
  3. Blog digest or round up of content
  4. Direct subscribers to oldie but goodie content on your blog
  5. Top or most popular posts of the week
  6. Anniversary or other significant events
  7. Seasonal content or specials
  8. Reminders
  9. Social media links
  10. Sneak peeks or behind the scenes
  11. Re-engagement emails (email to people on your list who haven’t opened an email in awhile)
  12. Sales/Discounts
  13. Freebies
  14. Video
  15. Feedback survey
  16. What I wish I knew then… (or my mistakes)
  17. Tools and resources
  18. Case study
  19. Testimonials
  20. Mythbuster
  21. Tutorial
  22. Motivational or inspirational story
  23. Q&A emails (respond to questions you get)
  24. Reviews
  25. Share other blog content you think will give value to your readers
  26. Books (i.e. what I’m reading now or top 5 books to read about…)
  27. A challenge
  28. Update on current projects
  29. Contest
  30. Quiz

Done-For-You Email and Templates

Want ideas or just a faster way to create your email? I love done-for-you content and PLR because it gives me a template and outline to work from. I have two resources that I use when I feel stuck on email.

Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File: I grabbed this resource the minute I saw it because it not only gives you emails that you can use as your own, but also, it includes affiliate links. Just put your affiliate link in the email, and send to your list!! This resource was put together by Jim Daniels is one of the original Internet entrepreneurs. It’s only $17! It’s the best $17 I’ve spent this year.

Email Ramp has nearly 1000 emails (999 to be exact) that you can use in your email marketing. It includes a variety of email types including list nurturing, pre-launch, story telling, offers and more. Plus it has emails in a variety of areas including Internet marketing, beauty, self-help, health/weight loss, and more.

Do you have other ideas to email your list? Let us know in the comments below.

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