31 Days to Work At Home Success Day 10 Avoiding Work-At-Home Scams


There are two reasons people fall for scams: 1) Lack of knowledge and 2) Acting from emotion not rational thought.

When it comes to avoiding scams, the more you know about working at home the better. After years and years of work-at-home books and websites telling people that envelope stuffing is a scam, people still get snared by it. Same with assembly work. Before pursuing any work-at-home venture, read and research about working at home. What do people who work at home do (hint: they don’t stuff envelopes)? What is telecommuting and why do companies allow it? What’s involved in a home business? Are business opportunities on the up and up? How can you know? All these questions can be answered by reading books and quality work-at-home websites like Work-At-Home Success.

Once you’re armed with knowledge, use it to keep your emotions in check. Scammers are brilliant copywriters who are able to lure you with their hype about money, paying off debt, staying home with kids, driving fast cars and living in big houses. We see those words and think, “That’s what I’ve been looking for… big pay for no work.” Next thing you know, you’ve been scammed. If you find opportunities that sound interesting to you, do more research. Talk to others who do that type of work or business. Sleep on it.

There are several resources at Work-At-Home Success that provide scam information and alerts.

Scams: Provides a list of scams to avoid and tips for evaluating work-at-home opportunities.

Scam Alerts: Is a list of recent posts about new scams you should avoid.

Always avoid:

Envelope stuffing
Assembly work
Email processing
Rebate processing
Money processors (Never help a company process its payments through your bank account!)
Jobs (offers of employment) that require money
Business opportunities that don’t have a product or service.
Anything promising big money with little effort.

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