31 Days to Work-At-Home Success Day 22: Selling a Service


One of the fastest ways to start a home business is to sell a skill. Are you good at organizing? Do you know bookkeeping? Can you write ads that get results? All these are examples of services you can provide to others. In fact, many if not most jobs can be turned into a service business whether its providing customer service, office support, social work, teaching, tutoring, writing, etc. Further, many services can be done online using email and phone to deliver services. You can expand your services buy hiring contractors to help you provide services. For example, if you have a tutoring service, you can hire contract tutors to provide the service while you manage the marketing and operations of the business.

Even if you can’t think of a service to offer, odds are there is a service you can provide. Yesterday you learned how to find products using affiliate programs. Many affiliate programs provide services as well. You can tap into these resources, selling them without actually having to provide the service yourself.

Use your list of business ideas to brainstorm services that you can offer. Remember, you don’t have to offer a service related to your education or job. Do you love scrapbooking? Offer a scrapbooking service. Did you sell your home fast because it had a great presentation? Provide home staging services.

Getting started is as easy as contacting your network and letting them know what you’re doing. Depending on the type of service you offer, you can find work on freelance sites as well. Don’t forget to provide the best service possible and encourage your clients to refer new customers.

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