31 Days to Work-At-Home Success Day 23: Sell Information


Informational products are nothing new. They have been making people rich for many years usually through mail-order and infomercials. But the Internet has made selling information easy, fast and very lucrative.

Information products include books, reports, training, home study courses, audio, video, ebooks and any other format that delivers informational materials. They also cover a host of topics from making money, losing weight, investing, dog training, motivation, cooking, parenting and more. Here are things I’ve paid to learn about: how to organize my home and life, how to scrapbook, how to write, how to market, how to invest in real estate, how to develop spirituality, how to teach my kids about money, how to garden, how to be creative, how to decorate my home, how to learn a foreign language, etc.

Many people don’t believe they have enough knowledge or expertise to create and sell an information product, but I believe everyone knows enough about something to create an information product. Actually, you don’t have to know about a topic, you just have to be able to interview experts and put the information together in a package.

Using your inventory of skills, experiences and interests, make list of topics that you know a lot about. You don’t have to know everything; just more than someone who doesn’t have the same skills and experience. Develop ideas on how you can create an information product to share what you know. Can you write a manual? How about an informational report? Can you record you and other experts sharing your knowledge?

Work-At-Home Success University has a course that takes you step-by-step in creating an information product and selling it online. Check out How to Create and Sell Information here.

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