31 Work-At-Home Jobs for Microworkers


If you’re low on time, are struggling to find a more permanent work at home job, or just want to make a few extra bucks, you might want to consider microwork.

What is Microwork?

Microwork is essentially short tasks done by home-based workers for a company that uses crowdsourcing to fulfill it’s needs. The jobs tend to be short term projects such as researching, transcribing or tagging audio files, data entry, and more. Most jobs are done by computer, but some can be done on a mobile phone or tablet.

What Can You Earn as a Microworker?

There are people who are making a living from microwork, but to do so requires choosing work work wisely so that you’re paid well per hour, and you ensure you have a constant stream of tasks to complete. Each task on its own, doesn’t pay that much, but I’ve heard about microworkers who are able to stay busy and earn $1,000 to $2,000 a month. The trick is to continue to search and apply for microwork, and complete work you’ve been assigned on time to garner good ratings.

But you also need to choose work that can be done within a reasonable time compared to the pay. A job that pays $20 for research that will take you 5 hours to complete, comes to $4 per hour, where as a $10 job that takes you 30 minutes to complete is the equivalent to $20 per hour.

With that said, many of these sites pay fairly quickly, some even daily.

While it is possible to earn enough to pay for your basic needs through microwork, it might be better to see this option as part-time income or a side-hustle.

Benefits of Microwork If You Want a Work-At-Home Job

While microwork may not be what you’re looking for, it can help you in your quest to find a regular work-at-home job. Through microwork you can:

  1. Gain experience working independently from home. Many employers feel better hiring someone who already has experience working from a home office.
  2. Gain skills and experience in a variety of tasks that can make you more appealing to employers. The more skills you can offer, the greater the opportunities to get hired in a work-at-home job.
  3. Get references from companies to use in your applications to other jobs. Good references always increase your chances of getting hired to a job.
  4. Earn extra money on your own time. Who doesn’t like extra money?

Where to Find Microwork Jobs

Below are 31 sites that pay microworkers money (as opposed to points). In most cases, you’re paid through PayPal. Be sure to read each sites’ terms of service for details on payments and other legal issues you need to know. Please note, that I have not signed up and tried all these sites, so read the small print, don’t pay money to join, and listen to your gut. Let me know if you find a site that is suspicious.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Appen (click on the Crowdsourcing options for microwork)






EasyShift  (mobile phone)

FancyHands (virtual support micro jobs)

Figure Eight



Fivesquids (UK)

Field Agent 


Innocentive (research and provide answers to questions)













User Testing



Other Short Task Options for Making Money

Mobile App Tasks

Many mobile apps will pay you to do tasks such as mystery shop, scan bar codes, and more.


Field Agent




Here’s a list of more apps that allow you to earn money doing short tasks.




Check out more survey sites here.

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