32 Ways to Make More Money in Your Home Business


Easy Ideas to Make More Money from Home

One of the challenges to home business is making the most money possible from your venture. To do that, you need to have an income stream (i.e. something to sell) and people who want to buy it. So what happens if your falling short in either of these or you simply want to make more money?

There are essentially two ways to boost income in your home business:

  • Increase the number of people that know about you (increase website traffic)
  • Increase the number income streams (things that make money)

Below you’ll find 32 ways you can either increase website traffic or add income streams to your home business.

Increase Website Traffic to Make More Money

Helping more people know about your business is the fastest and easiest way to increase your home business income, as long as your targeting the right people (those who want what you offer). Here are some ways to get more exposure for your home business:

  1. Maximize what’s working. If you find that most your traffic is coming from Facebook, make sure you’re doing all you can to optimize that.
  2. Schedule your best content for regular posting on social media. There are some content you should be promoting regularly such as your lead magnet, your top performing content, best resource pages, etc. Make it easy by using a social scheduling tool such as Hootsuite.
  3. Use a viral sharing tool such as UpViral to get more traffic to your best content.
  4. Test out other social media options. If you’re not using Pinterest or Instagram, learn about each and test them out.
  5. Make your offer available on other platforms. Especially if you sell a tangible item, getting your item in more “stores” can help you sell more. Options include Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. However, depending on what you sell, there may be niche ecommerce sites you should consider as well. Do a Google search on your item to learn other places you might be able to sell your goods.
  6. Giveaway a free ebook. Instead of selling your book for an additional income source, you can give it away at places like Amazon, iBooks and more. If you use a service like Draft2Digital or Smashwords, you can have your book on all the major ebook retail sites, although you’ll need to use Kindle Direct Publishing and request it to set the price to free to sell through Amazon.
  7. Refresh and update your content including updating SEO to help search engines better rank your content.
  8. Promote your email list lead magnet on social media. People like free stuff, so not only will you attract people who want your free offer, but also, build your email list.
  9. Create content upgrades. Like the lead magnet, adding additional content in exchange for email address gives you more stuff to promote on social media, as well as a way to increase your email list size.
  10. Ask your email list to share your email with others who might be interested in what you offer.
  11. Use HARO to find publicity opportunities related to your home business. It’s free and can get you in front of print and digital media audiences.
  12. Reach out to influencers to guest write an article or be a podcast/videocast guest.
  13. Do an email swap with a complimentary home business owner. For example, if you’re graphic designer, you can do an email swap with a copywriter as his clients might need a graphic designer, and your clients might need a copywriter.
  14. Answer questions on question sites and groups/forums.
  15. Use affordable ad options such as Facebook Ads.
  16. Run a solo ad using a service like Udimi.
  17. Use a service such as Quuupromote.co to increase website traffic to your best content.
  18. Build a brand ambassador program. Offer your best clients, customers or followers extra perks for helping you build buzz about your business. This can be behind the scenes glimpses, advanced access, discounts and more.

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Add More Income Streams to Your Home Business

Most home business owners I know don’t have just one source of income from their business. For example, most speakers I know also earn income from coaching and/or writing books. Bloggers don’t just make money with affiliate marketing, but also through selling ad space on their sites and creating information products.

While you don’t want to try and do too much in terms of generating lots of income streams at one time, once you have one up and running, you can make more money and create better income security by adding additional sources of income.

Before you get the list of ways to add more income streams to your home business, here are a few things to consider when deciding which to pick:

  • Repurpose what you’ve got. It’s faster and easier to prepackage, expand on, or repurpose business assets you already have. For example, expanding your best blog posts to create a book.
  • Keep it related to your business. While you can add new products/services or maybe even reach out to a new market, if you keep your new offerings related to what you already offer, it’s easier to get started and entice existing customers/clients. Adding a new income stream that’s totally unrelated requires more work because you’re essentially starting a new business. Whereas if you tack on to your existing business, you’re simply building on what you’ve already got.
  • Make it passive income if possible. You only have so much time in a day, so you don’t want add on-going time consuming income options. A better option is something that might take time to create now (i.e. a book) but once it’s done, doesn’t require a lot of time to do or keep up.
  • Add one at a time. While all these ideas might look awesome, focus on adding one income stream at a time. You’ll get each up and running faster that way.

Below you’ll find a few ideas that can help you add multiple streams of income and boost traffic to your home business:

Additional Income Stream Ideas

  1. 32 Ways to Make More Money in Your Home BusinessTurn your best content into an ebook and sell on Amazon, iBooks and other ebook retailers.
  2. Turn your best content into YouTube videos. When you reach YouTube’s subscriber and watch-time threshold, you can earn ad revenue.
  3. Expand on your best content and create an ecourse.
  4. Add more value to your best content and create a membership site.
  5. Create printables (i.e. checklists or planners) related to your business to sell on Etsy.
  6. Add a service such a coaching or consulting.
  7. Create an affiliate program to have other people sell your products or services as well.
  8. Sell logo swag such as t-shirts and mugs with a saying and your logo on them.
  9. Build an app related to your business.
  10. Find other monetization options for your website such as affiliate marketing or ad feeds.
  11. Sell your influence. If you have a lot of followers (blog, social media), brands will pay you to promote or review them.
  12. Sell your expertise through articles to publications that pay for top content.
  13. Get paid to speak or do trainings.
  14. Bundle your products or services together at a special price.

Do you have ideas for generating more traffic or adding income streams? I’d love to hear about them.

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