37 Nationwide Work-At-Home Jobs


A message came across Twitter the other day, in which the person was saying that all the jobs she was finding required someone who lived locally. While many work-at-home jobs do ask for someone who lives in a specific area, many are open to anyone in the U.S. Some are even open to applicants worldwide.
37 Nationwide Work-At-Home Jobs

Below are companies that are frequently hiring remote workers from across the United States (and some across the world). They are listed in alphabetical order, and indicate the type of work-at-home jobs they offer. Note that not all may be hiring right now.

1. 24/7 Virtual Assistants

2. Aim 4 A Tutoring

3. Amazon Mturk (USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK)

4. American Express (customer service/travel help)

5. AccuTran Global (transcription, translation, editors)

6. Appen Butler Hill (transcription, web and social media evaluation, language, etc)

7. Apple (customer service, support)

8. Arise (customer support, business op)

9. Automattic (customer support, marketing, tech jobs, graphic design, etc)

10. Avant Page (translation)

12. Cactus Global  (transcription, translation, editing)

13. CCI International (Customer Service)

14. Click N Work (data entry, web research, writing, etc)

15. – Clickworker (microwork – learn more about microwork)

16. Crisp Thinking (moderation – learn more about moderating jobs)

17. Dell (some jobs are in specific locations)

18 Golden Voice English (teach English – learn more about teaching English online)

19. Language Line (translation, interpretation)

20. Leapforce (search engine evaluation)

21. Lionbridge (search engine evaluation)

22. Modsquad (online moderators)

23. Quicktate (transcription – learn more about transcription jobs)

24. REV (transcription, captioning – learn more about captioning jobs)

25. Scribendi (editing, proofreading)

26.  Scribie (transcription)

27. Smart Thinking (tutors)

28. Transcom (customer Service)

29. TeleTech (customer service)

30. U-Haul (customer service, roadside support, etc)

31. Userlytics (website testing – Learn more about website testing)

32. UserTesting (app and website testing)

33. VIPKid (learn more about VIPKid)

34. VoiceLog (customer service)

35. Working Solutions (customer services)

36. Worldwide 101 (admin and virtual support, bookkeeping)

37. Xerox (customer support, tech jobs, etc)

Looking for More Nationwide Work-At-Home Jobs?

If you need more options, consider checking out FlexJobs which has hundreds of screened work-at-home and flexible job listings.

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