4 Simple Ways to Balance Your Business Throughout the Holiday Season


Guest Post by Corrisa Malone

It’s that time of the year where it seems like your business and your family both fight for quality time in your life…each one never coming out ahead. Finally learn four simple things you can do right now so that your family and your business do not have to fight for your attention this holiday season.

Here it comes again – that old guilt trip you feel every January as you looked back at the past year to see what you could have done better. What rubs salt in the wound even more is when you realize that just the last couple of months alone were probably not your most productive – for your business or your family.

Now you feel the gut-wrenching, “I should have done this” or “I should have done that” thoughts playing in your mind. It’s no fun trying play “Monday morning quarterback” with your business and your family. If you could avoid all the “could haves” and “should haves” this January – would you?

Well of course you would. Today is the time to make the changes – not in January. Like most entrepreneurs you want to still build your business throughout the holidays; yet you still want to make time for your family – one of the reasons why you’re probably in business the first place…to make a better life for them.

Here are four simple things you can do right now. These four easy things will allow you to stay productive in your business and still maintain time for those that mean the most in your life…

1. Schedule Family Time – You can’t be all work and no play. You’ve got to spend time with your family. It is easy to get consumed with your business while trying to get ahead that you forget to live.

The best way to make sure that you do take time to enjoy your life with your family is to schedule your time with them. Get out your calendar right now and take into consideration your kids activities, date night, family night and then schedule the times you’re going to be with your family.

With the holidays coming up, you’ll want to also schedule in the times you’re going to be spending with relatives, shopping for gifts, and other holiday activities.

Remember, one of the reasons why you’re probably in business to begin with is to be a better provider for them – so you don’t want to neglect them while trying to achieve that goal.

2. Make a Marketing Schedule – The first rule of entrepreneurship is that you must have a marketing plan. That old saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail rings true. You should create your marketing plan (if you haven’t done so already) and schedule it on your calendar so that you know what you’re doing every single day to move your business ahead. Lastly, you need to stick to it.

3. Focus on What’s Working Now – It goes without saying that during the holiday season where your time is already severely limited, you may not want to be experimenting with unproven marketing techniques.

There’s plenty of time after the New Year to test new marketing methods and techniques. You want to spend your precious time on the things that you know are already working to bring you traffic.

In fact, you should do more of what’s working and less of the things that have not been proven to work. You want to keep traffic flowing to your website. You want to keep your foot on the “pedal” even if you’re not going full-throttle in your business.

4. Leverage Internet Marketing Tools – It goes without saying that you’ll never get to the top alone – you’ll always have the aid of someone or something. With so many programs, tools, and systems out there, you’ll want to make the most of the ones that make sense in your business.

This could be from using a contact management system to help you keep track of your important contacts to using outsourcers to help you carry out your marketing plan to using a marketing system to help you generate targeted leads for your business.

Take advantage of the things that can help take the load off of you this holiday season so that you have a fresh start come January without having regrets of things you should have or could have done better.

A clear conscience at the beginning of the year will help you be more productive and get you off to a better start in your business and with your family.

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About the Author: Corrisa Malone is a home business entrepreneur and coach out of southern California. You can visit her Internet network marketing training tips blog for more great tips.

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