4 Top Tips to Become a 6-Figure Seller on Amazon


Discover great tips to become a successful seller on Amazon FBA!

Love or hate Amazon, you can’t deny that for the regular person wanting to DIY a home-based career, Amazon offers a ton of methods and tools. Want to publish a book? Amazon can help you do that for free. Want to sell your old books and items around the house? Amazon will let you do that. Do you have a website or blog you want to promote products on? Amazon can help you do that. Want to dropship doo-dads? Amazon will help you do that.

Of all the options that Amazon offers you to make money, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) probably offers the most bang for the buck. Through the FBA program, Amazon does most of the heavy lifting for you, from storing your items, to having them for sale in the Amazon store, to taking payment, and packing and shipping them for you. All you have to do is create an account, send your stuff to Amazon, and list the item.

But like any work-at-home opportunity, there are things you can do to better insure your success. Here are the top 4 things you can do become a 6-figure seller on Amazon.

1. Find Great Products

Ultimately, success on Amazon is in selling something that people want. Getting a great deal on a gadget to re-sell on Amazon doesn’t help you if no one wants the gadget. Some tips on finding great products include:

  1. Stay away from products sold by big-name brands. You’ll have a hard time competing with these companies.
  2. Stay away from highly competitive products. Starting out, your goal is to find a good product people want that doesn’t have a ton of competition.
  3. Choose items that have a profit after all your expenses (buying, shipping to Amazon, Amazon fees, etc).
  4. Find great deals locally such as in the clearance section of stores.
  5. Connect with a wholesaler or dropshipper.

2. SEO and Keywords

I’m not sure there is a single online income option that doesn’t greatly benefit from SEO and keywords. The trick is to find the right keywords. One option is to type in the base keyword into Amazon and see the options that pop up. There are a variety of Amazon Keyword Tools as well.

Amazon Keywords

Keywords should be used in your product title, description and, of course, tags. Make sure your keywords follow Amazon’s rules. You can’t use a keyword that is inaccurate and, depending on the product, you might not be able to use a brand or trademarked name.

3. Win the Buy Box Spot

While there may be multiple people selling the same product, only one gets the coveted “Buy Box” spot.

In order to get the top spot, you need to eligible for it and earn the spot. According to Amazon, to be eligible, you need to have:

  1. A professional account
  2. Good ratings on product quality, service and shipment (Amazon looks at order defect, cancellation and late shipment rates).
  3. Good order volume for your category.

Pricing can help in this spot too. Your price doesn’t need to be the lowest, but it should be low compared to all other factors (i.e. shipping). For example, your product might be $20 with free shipping, and another product could be $15 with $7 shipping. The second product is priced lower, but has an overall greater cost to the buyer compared to yours. In this scenario, Amazon may likely favor your listing over the other guy.

4. Offer Coupons

Amazon generally has low prices, but the savviest Amazon shoppers look for the best deals on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you have access to promotional tools that include offering coupons. For this tip to work, you need to offer a great deal. Saving 50 cents on a $30 product won’t excite most buyers. Saving $3 or $5 though might. When creating your coupon, consider offering one slightly better than your competition to maximize your chances of getting picked.

Amazon Coupons

The great thing about offering coupons is that you can promote it the same way you promote a product. Coupon pages have their own sales rank, so as a new seller, this can be an option to compete in a crowded niche. Further, you can offer you coupon on third-party daily deal and discount sites, for even greater exposure.

I have been amazed at all the people I’ve come across who have started making good 4 and 5-figure incomes per month on Amazon through the FBA program all within a few months. That doesn’t mean you’ll earn big money fast. When it comes to working at home, nothing is automatic. However, the Amazon sellers I’ve met have done very well after doing some research, testing products, and then maximizing their successful results.

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Do you have other tips on successful selling on Amazon? 

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