43+ Typing Jobs from Home that Pay $10 to $75 Per Hour


Learn About Typing Jobs from Home Plus Get a List of 43 Companies that Hire Home Based Typists

Are you a fast and accurate typist? If so, there are jobs that can use your skills. Here are a few typing jobs plus information on what’s required and how to get hired.

What Kind of Typing Jobs are There?

There are a number ways you can get paid to type. Here are a few:

Skills Required for Typing Jobs 

Some work from home typing jobs don’t require experience, but most require that you type fast and accurately. Some have a set minimum typing speed, and many will ask you take a typing test. If you’re not sure how fast and accurate you are, you can take a free typing test online. You can Google “free typing test” or try a site like TypingTest.com.

Pay for Typing Jobs

Many factors go into how much typists get paid. In general, the pay is usually around $10 to $15 per hour, however, that goes up with experience and quality. It is possible to earn as much as $75 per hour if you’re really fast (i.e. 180 to 220 wpm). Further, some types of typing jobs require additional skills, such as medical transcription or translation, that often leads to higher pay.

Pay isn’t always per hour (although in general the per hour rate will equate to what was mentioned above), but instead by word, keystroke or audio minute, which means the faster you type, the more you can get paid.

Note that most of these jobs are contract, meaning the companies don’t withhold your taxes. Don’t be afraid of this type of work though because it can offer some benefits that include more tax deductions that can lower you tax liability.

Work Schedule For Typing from Home

Work schedules in home based typing can vary. Some companies will ask for a regular schedule, but often, since it is contract work, you can work when you want as long as you get the work completed on time. Some positions ask specifically for evening work.

Equipment Needed for Online Typing Work

Needed equipment for typing jobs from home may vary slightly depending on the job and the company. Some of the common tools required include:

  • Computer with high speed Internet
  • Real-time Captioning soft-ware
  • Audio Playback
  • Digital Foot Pedal
  • Email
  • Word processing software

Where to Find Typing Jobs from Home

Below find a list of companies that hire people do typing from home.

Captioning Jobs


ASC Services

Caption Colorado

Caption Max

Caption Media Group – Search for these jobs on Indeed.com


Talking Type Captions

U.S. Captioning Company


Data Entry Jobs

Axion Data Services

Birch Creek Communications

Capital Typing

Cass Information Systems


DionData Solutions

Gorge Warehouse


Mechanical Turk (Crowdsourced micorwork. Check out other microwork sites for data entry work.)



Working Solutions

Transcription Jobs

3 Play Media

American High Tech Transcription

Cambridge Transcription

eTranscription Solutions

Fantastic Transcripts

Focus Forward

Mass Transcription




Translation Jobs43+ Typing Jobs from Home that Pay $10 to $75 Per Hour

ABC Translation Services



Accurapid Translation

American High Tech Transcription and Reproting



Global Link

Language Line

Language Translation


Responsive Translation


Other jobs that require typing skills.

The jobs listed above are more about administrative or business support. However, there are other jobs that need fast and accurate typing including:

Online Chat Agents

Community Moderators

Medical Transcription – Check out sites like: Altegra Health, iMedX, M*Modal, MTJobs.com, and Precyse

Virtual Assistant

Looking for more typing jobs? FlexJobs has hundreds in transcription as well as other typing-related jobs. Flexjobs screens all their jobs and guarantees them to be scam-free.

Want more help on learning how to work at home as a typist? Check out General Transcription Bootcamp, the fastest way to learn the skills you need.

Are you interested in work from home typing jobs? Do you know of any other typing jobs? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Emma Boyce says

    Leslie, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful is your website. All the honest and multiple sites for someone who wants to be independent and get money to pay bills. I have been dreaming with a WTH job for the longest time, but have been afraid to risk what I have for the unknown. With your help, I am willing to risk this opportunity. Thank you for helping me and hundreds of others.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Emma ~ Thank you so much for visiting WAHS and sharing your enjoyment of the site. I’m so glad you find value in what I offer!!! And I appreciate you’re willing to share your thoughts with me. There are many work-at-home jobs and opportunities now, which is not to say it’s necessarily easy, but it is possible to work-at-home if you do the right work. Keep me posted on your efforts. Good luck!! ~ Leslie


    I am from INDIA. Looking for TYPING or form filling job from U.S Based organisation.
    I have knowledge in typing also.
    I am ready to work per week 20-25 hrs. Per day 4hrs.
    Even ready to work for U.S. Time also.
    my mail-id – mkumar_00@yahoo.com

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Kumaran, You need to be careful about searching for typing jobs, because many are scams. Here are WAHS articles providing information and resources on typing jobs. Here is our post on companies that hire worldwide.


        Hi LTrux,
        Thanks for reply. Past 2 month I was registered for typing jobs for 3 companies. Till now i did not get any reply,
        Till now i did get any reply from the company.
        if you know any organisation, Please share it to my mail-id. mkumar_00@yahoo.com.


    Hi, KUMARAN From INDIA.I was registered so many websites. Till now no one is reply.
    I am requesting for typing or form filling work from Direct USA based organisation. Please mail me.
    I am 100% interested to work. P

  4. Leslie says

    Scoping is not court reporting! A scopist takes the reporter’s notes and basically transcribes and edits them. Then they go to a proofreader to finish the job by cleaning it up. Sometimes the court reporter does their own scoping and then sends it directly to the proofreader.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you for the clarification!

  5. Lauren says

    Getting started as a transcriptionist is a wonderful way to earn extra income, or to start your very own transcription company! Depending on your marketing skills, taking on your own clients and setting your own rates is another viable option. Learn more: Transcription Jobs for Beginners

    I would also stress that when you are working as any kind of typist, speed is not the most important thing when it comes to typing. At least not in the beginning. Focus on being accurate and speed will come, but you will want to train your fingers to hit the right keys first!

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