5 Must-Have Tools to Work from Home the Easy Way


Guest Post by Robbie Bowman

Working from home is hard work. There’s no denying distractions are everywhere. The more you can get done in less time, the more you’re free get your ironing done, catch up on your soaps, gossip away on your personal Facebook account; or just play Candy Crush ‘til your heart’s content. Without crippling your bottom line in the process! To free your time up while managing your business efficiently – there’s these…

5 Tools to help you get more done in less time

1) Focus@Will

This is my all-time favorite. It’s a music channel like no other. You can’t sing along to it because there’s no vocals involved. The music is specifically designed using brainwave entertainment. It works a charm to get you into the zone. How many times have you sat down at your computer to do something only to find your mind racing with everything you need to do? Focus at will slows your brainwaves, letting you get focused fast.

2) Buffer

Social media is all the rage. If you’re want to save the expense of outsourcing your social media, use Buffer app. For just the one user, it’s free. You can go advanced for ten bucks, but if you’re content with two updates per day, Monday – Friday, and then manage it yourself manually at the weekends, Buffer’s all you need and on the free account.

You won’t get detailed stats but that’s not needed, because you’ll be alerted by email.

3) Insightly

Another favourite of mine is Insightly. It costs nothing for solo use and manages all your contacts. It can help with project management too.

I’ve got mine hooked up through Google Apps for Work because they give you yourname@yourdomain email address managed with Gmail and Insightly hooks right into it. The combination of Gmail and Insightly makes managing contacts and projects a breeze.

4) Xero

They’ve rolled out a major campaign aimed at signing up accountants to the Xero Certified Partner program. Once certified, all their clients can use the software and the accountant can get access to real-time information. It’s one less hassle to deal with.

Aside from Xero, there’s Freshbooks and Quickbooks, however, if you want to stick to free, there’s WaveApps.com.

5) Email subscriber option on your blog

For my email list management, I’m on the same page as Leslie and went with AWeber. When you know some of your readers who are subscribed to your email list are prospects, getting new clients when space is available becomes a breeze. You just send an email stating you’re open for new clients and tell your readers to hit reply to discuss what they need.

The beauty of working from home, in particular when you’re connected with others in your field, you learn a bunch of neat tricks that’ll make your working days much easier.

What tools do you use to manage your home-based business efficiently? Comment below

About the author: Robbie Bowman, better known as Robbie-B, is a Ghostwriter since 2010 and is now expanding his home-based business by breaking into the freelance blogging sector.  Follow @robbiebwrites.

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