5 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Use


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Learn about the top social media platforms to promote your business!

Many marketers now agree that social media advertising is an excellent strategy for any marketer looking for a consistent way to make sales. Typically, social networks use the information that a user adds to their profiles to serve them highly targeted ads. When properly designed, social media advertising can bring a noteworthy increase in sales and conversions with considerably low acquisition costs. The following are 5 social media platforms you should be using for your social media advertising endeavors.


Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. On the platform, users share over 60 million photos daily. While some marketers have been slow to utilize Instagram as a marketing platform, those who have are reaping big. What’s more, the emergence of Instagram tools like Growr that help with organic growth have made the platform an attractive option for the 21st century marketer. The idea is to use the platform to showcase your products and services as well as display “humanize” your brand.

You can take photos of your coworkers, office as well as events you host or attend, allowing your followers to get an inside look into your business process. Ultimately, this creates loyalty and a one-on-one connection that is hardly attainable on other platforms. Instagram is video and image heavy. This means that the only way to grow fast is to figure out the type of images and videos that would capture the attention of your followers and that best showcase your brand and share them.

Consider using Instagram ads because unlike organic posts, the ads can be designed to link directly to a specific landing page on your website. If your product or service is designed for people between the age of 18 and 29, Instagram is an excellent platform to advertise. It also skews more towards females, making it an excellent platform for products and services designed for young women.


The last few years has seen a rise in popularity for image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Today, Pinterest remains one of the most preferred image-based platforms especially for women. One big advantage of this platform is the ease with which viral content spreads. The re-pinning feature makes sharing extremely easy and encourages a post to be shares fast from one user to the next. Pinterest is a platform for brands that hope to showcase their products using well-taken pictures.

Those without tangible products to showcase but still want to use Pinterest have the option to create infographics. The two rules of thumb for this social networking platform is to only share visually appealing images and to maintain a consistent brand voice with every post. Pinterest is an excellent platform for ecommerce brands and records high engagement.

What’s more, most of its users log in hoping to find and buy creative products. One big reason to use this platform to advertise is the fact that promoted pins seamlessly blend with into existing Pinterest boards, ensuring that users are not distracted or annoyed by the ads. Marketers generally look for their best performing pints and market them using hashtags that are relevant to their brands.


There is perhaps no other social networking sites that encompasses as diverse demographics as Facebook does. With over 2.19 billion active monthly users, this social media site is a perfect platform for practically all types of businesses. On the platform, you can do laser-targeted advertising, focusing on your potential customers’ location, income level, age group, etc. Simply put, Facebook is a goldmine for marketers that understand how to make the most of the advertising tools it makes available.

Ecommerce sites find that Facebook is an excellent lead generation platform. It is also an ideal platform for growing your email list. Some advertisers have reported costs as low as less than $1 for each lead they acquire on Facebook. Some of the most widely used content in Facebook advertising include giveaways, limited-time offers, product coupons, whitepapers, eBooks, and free- shipping.


LinkedIn is the go-to social networking site for professionals seeking to connect with other professionals, or business brands looking for experts in their field. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites, LinkedIn is a platform for laser-focused content that is industry-specific. For users, the platform is excellent when you need to put your best foot forward for an opportunity to be seen by business executives and CEOs.

For businesses, it is the perfect social networking environment to find the best talent in your industry. One big advantage of LinkedIn is the type of crowd you will find there. Available statistics show that the platform attracts people with the highest disposable income. Indeed, 75% of all LinkedIn users make over $50,000 annually. For marketers, this means that the platform is an opportunity to get the highest quality leads, for as long as your business is in an industry that is well represented on the platform.

Unlike most other social websites, LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B firms and service businesses. That explains why some of the industries that record the greatest success on LinkedIn are service brands like recruitment agencies, high-end B2B service and product brands as well as learning institutions.


When you want to connect with practically anyone around the globe in a moment, Twitter is the platform to consider. The microblogging site is big on bit-sized updates and content. It is a perfect platform for celebrities. Many brands use it to send out updates as well as connect with and address customer concerns. For experienced marketers, this 280-character posts site is a potential powerhouse, especially for mobile advertising.

Twitter also allows you to connect to industry influencers in ways unmatched by any other social networking platform. Additionally, Twitter simplifies customer support, a big reason why almost half of online marketers say it is the best platform for brands that want to engage with their customers.

One of the biggest advantages of using Twitter for marketers is the ability to reach new followers through organic engagement, a feat almost impossible on Facebook. This effect enhances the value you get when you run paid ads on the platform. Twitter is particularly attractive for small businesses. According to available data, 60% of its users purchase from small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, this social media website favors ecommerce brands in both brand awareness and direct product conversions.

What tips do you have for social media advertising? Let us know in the comments below.

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