5 Ways to Make and Save Money for the Holidays


It’s an expensive time of year. The obvious expense is shopping for presents. Then there’s travel, increased electric bill from all the holiday lights, food, etc. If you’re counting pennies and would like to make and save money, here are some great ideas to help.

1) Seasonal Home Based Customer Service Work – Many companies are hiring extra help with customer service and order taking during the holidays.

2) Start a Holiday Decorating Service – Many people want a holiday decorated home, but don’t have the time to do it. If you have eye and tools for decorating, you can help these families. This includes indoor and outdoor decorating.

3) 7 Holiday Business Ideas You Can Start Now – People are buying and need extra help during the holidays. Here are 7 home business ideas you can implement quickly to take advantage of the holiday season.

4) 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Smart Phone – You’re shopping anyway, so why not save money and earn cash or rewards while doing it?

5) Ebates – It’s been around a long time (since 1998). You’ve probably seen ads for it on television and wondered if it was legit. Well, it is. With Ebates, you can buy from your favorite online retailers through Ebates, and earn cash back. Plus you can earn money by referring others. If you’re doing your holiday shopping online, why not do it at a place that will give you cash back for shopping through it?


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