5 Ways to Work At Home with Disney


If you love Disney, here is 5 great ways to work at home with Disney!

I’ll admit it. I’m a Disney fanatic. I love all things Mickey Mouse. If you’re like me, and you’d like to turn your love of Disney into a work at home job, then you’re in luck. Here is a list of 5 ways you can work from home with Disney.

Work At Home Jobs at Disney

Disney hires for several work-at-home positions including:

  • Guest Services Representative
  • Reservations Agent
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Communications and Social Media
  • Writer (i.e. for Babble or Disney Parks)

Disney has it’s own job board you can access here. It can be a little tricky to find the virtual jobs. Typing in “work at home,” “remote,” or “telecommute” often gives you unrelated results. You have two options for finding current Disney work from home positions:

  1. Search the Disney job database for the specific job title, such as “Guest Services Representative.”
  2. Search for work at home jobs at Disney through FlexJobs, which has details about Disney as well as jobs in a variety of categories including telecommute, freelance, etc.

Note that Disney may or may not have home-based job openings at this time.

Disney Travel Consultant

While Disney has its own travel department, there are also authorized travel agencies and consultants. While you don’t necessarily have to have experience in the travel industry, many of these companies require that you have extensive experience at Disney Parks and other Disney travel options (i.e. Disney Cruise). Note that some of these require start up and ongoing membership fees, while others don’t. These fees are similar to those you might find in starting a home business opportunity, and cover things like getting you set up, training, access to the travel system, etc. However, some of these don’t charge anything. In most cases, you’re going to be considered an independent representative and paid a commission.

Do Your Own Thing

Love Disney but none of the above work-at-home options suit you? There are several options for turning your love of Disney into income. Note, you’ll need to careful you don’t infringe on Disney’s trademark or licenses, in particular, you should avoid using the Disney name in your blog/business name, or making your own Disney creations (i.e. t-shirts). But there are ways to turn your Disney passion into income legally. Here are a few to consider:

Disney Blogger

Depending on your specific passion, you can create a blog about Disney. Perhaps you want to share current Disney news. Maybe you want to trade Disney pins. Perhaps you want to share Disney parks hidden treasures. Or maybe you want to share Disney history and trivia.

The first step is to create your blog. Here is a 5-step outline on how to set up a blog using WordPress. While your goal is to monetize your blog, you first need great content. Here is a great list from Social Media Examiner on 12 types of blog content you can create.

Once you have content, you need to start developing readers, which means blog marketing. Along with social media, you should also start an email list.

There are several ways to make money with a Disney blog including:

  • Disney Store Affiliate: You can sell official Disney Store products as an affiliate.
  • Amazon Affiliate: You can sell Disney-related products from Amazon
  • Ad feeds such as Google AdSense
  • Sell travel packages. You can do this as a Disney World Vacation and Savings Travel Guide affiliate through Flex Offers. Or you can combine work from the above list of travel consulting jobs with a blog (read the travel agency’s policies about marketing restrictions.)
  • Brand Sponsorships: If your blog develops a following, you might be able to get sponsors and/or sponsored posts.  The best way to do that is by developing relationships with Disney reps through social media. Here are a few on Twitter: @DisneyParks@Disneyland@WaltDisneyWorld@DisneyCruise@DisneyMoms.

Five ways you can work at home with Disney including, work at home jobs at DisneyInfluencer

If you don’t want to take the time to start and manage a blog, but you do have the time and content to share on social media, consider becoming an influencer known for your Disney passion. If you travel to Disney regularly, own a ton of Disney items, see Mickey Mouse burnt onto your toast, etc, you can use a platform such as Instagram to share your Disney inspired life. The best way to make money through this option is through paid or sponsored posts. Hubspot has information on getting sponsors on Instagram even if you don’t have followers.


Again, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t violate Disney’s trademark. So you don’t want to design your own Disney t-shirt or mug. However, using affiliate marketing or access to wholesalers with licensed Disney products, you can create an online store selling Disney items. This can be done a variety of ways including:


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