6 Tips For Making Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media


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Social media feeds are bombarded with messages, images, and videos from friends, news organizations, groups, and businesses, because of that it can be really hard to make your business stand out and be unique. Here are six tips to stand out from the noise.

Humanize Your Brand

When it comes to humanizing your brand it is essential for you to write on social media as a real and relatable person. Just be yourself. Share stories, tell jokes and just have fun with it. By doing that people will be able to better relate to you and actually find your posts interesting to read. If your customers have someone that they feel like they can relate to they have someone to connect with and be loyal to. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference this can make.

Be A Resource

Create content that makes people want to come back. Think about things that are complimentary to your business in order to create lists, how-to’s, case studies, problem/solution, checklists, guides, a series, statistics, or frequently asked questions. By making your page fun and engaging you can really help bring a lot of traffic to your site through social media. You could even have drawing and raffles to really help get people involved.

Be Generous

Share content that aligns with your targeted profiles. Find sources that your targeted audience would follow. Share their content or create new content based on it like a profile, interview, quote, or pick of the week. It is always a good idea to link your social media back to helpful and relevant content on your blog. That way you can help get your blog even more out there.

Use Pictures With People

Pictures of people are a psychological trigger. Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.com says in his blog post, “How Images Improve – or Destroy – Conversion Rates,” to use the gaze of the person in the image to direct the reader. Spend time finding the right image, even if you use a free stock photo website or LibreStock.com.

Post Great Images

Use Canva.com templates to create great visuals for your brand. The platform includes free and inexpensive designs that will make your brand stand out. You can upload your own images, use images found though LibreStock.com, or one from the Canva.com stock library.

Creatively Promote Your Brand

People like integrity and transparency in a business. Share what is going on behind the scenes with staff interviews, company updates, project updates, or company reviews and testimonials. Just try to be real and honest with your customers. They will really appreciate it.

Overall, social media is a great resource for helping get your brand noticed. All you have to do it take the time to make it great and build it up. It is definitely well worth it. If you need more help and ideas for how to build your brand on social media it is a good idea to seek tips from professionals such as those at Ottawa IT services. That way you can make sure that you are utilizing your resources to their absolute fullest potential.

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