6 Tips to Get a Work-At-Home Job with No Experience


Getting a job is hard. Getting a work-at-home job when you have little to know experience can seem impossible. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting a home-based job, even if you don’t have experience. Here are six tips to help. Don’t miss tip 6, which includes resources for work-at-home jobs that don’t require experience.

1) Maximize the Skills and Experience You Do Have

Just because you don’t have a skills or experience in the industry or job that is being offered, doesn’t mean you don’t have skills from a different job that can work. For example, my background was in school social work, but I was able to move those skills into other social work jobs, such as public health and adoption. If you have experience in retail, those skills can be used in customer service. If you worked as an administrative assistant, you can use those skills in virtual support work. If you have knowledge or skill in a specific area, you can become a freelance writer about that topic.

Make a list of all the duties you’ve had in past jobs, and all the skills you have, and seek work that needs that experience or skill, even if it’s outside your past job industry.

2) Get References/Quotes/Endorsements from Past Employers

While having skills or experience is important, employers, especially ones with work-at-home jobs, want people they can count on. A positive reference from an employer that gushes about your work ethic, and suggests you’re a quick learner and can follow directions, can go a long way to boosting your submission. You can include this praise in your cover letter, as well as on your LinkedIn profile and other online job resources (see #3).

3) Build an Online Resume/Portfolio

There are many benefits to having an online resume or portfolio including it will come up when an employer does a search on your name (wouldn’t you rather have a resume than your Cancun trip show up on a Google search by an employer?), and it provides an easy way to showcase your talent. You can use a site like LinkedIn, where you can have your resume, links to past work, and the ability to find jobs. However, you might want to consider creating a blog or website, which can make you stand out from the crowd. This will allow you to create your personal brand, which is essential in attracting employers.

4) Reach Out to Your Network

Several years ago, I read that networking was the number one way to get a job. Today, when referrals and reviews are sought after by consumers before making a decision, networking for employment is more important than ever. An employer is more likely to hire someone with a positive recommendation from a source they trust (this is why #2 getting a reference from past employers can be so helpful). LinkedIn is a great place to network, but you should also make contact with past employers and colleagues, and others who know your work quality and ethic. Reach out to companies you’d like to work for on social media. Don’t just ask for a job, but instead, pay attention to what they’re talking about, engage in conversation, and offer to help.

5) Get the Skills and Experience through Spec Work or an Internship

No one wants to work for free, but offering to work on spec (only getting paid if the work is accepted) or through a short-term internship, can be one way to prove you can do the work, as well as gain needed skills and experience. Some internships pay a stipend, so you don’t necessarily have to work for free.

You don’t have to limit yourself to seeking volunteer or internship work. If there is a job you’re interested in, but the employer has told you that you don’t have the needed qualifications, offer to work for free for a short time to prove your worth.

6) Find Work-At-Home Jobs that Don’t Require Experience

There are many work-at-home jobs that don’t require experience. These don’t always pay great, but they can be a great resource for gaining experience needed to get a higher paying job. The types of jobs that often don’t require experience include:

Clerical/Virtual Support


Online Chat

Online Moderation

Typing/Transcription/Captioning (although speed and accuracy are usually required)

Data Entry

Customer Service

ESL Tutor/Teacher

Don’t miss this list of 167 Entry Level Work At Home Jobs as well.

Please note that while these jobs may not require any experience, you will need to have the skills to do the job, and a quality resume.

Don’t let a lack of experience keep you from seeking a work-from-home job. As long as you have skills to offer and are willing to learn and work, there are many opportunities to get hired to a work-at-home job.

Need More No Experience Work from Home Jobs?

If the above resources don’t have jobs that suit you, check out FlexJobs.com. FlexJobs posts thousands of other work at home jobs leads from reputable companies, plus it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and it guarantees that you won’t find any scams. If you’re serious about finding a work-at-home job, FlexJobs is one of the best resources for finding them.

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