7 Great Ways to Make Extra Money Before Christmas


The holiday season presents unique opportunities to make extra cash and in some cases, create a steady, ongoing home-based income. The holidays are a great time to start making money from home people are shopping or have service needs to help them during the season. If you want to make extra money before the Holidays, this list will give you some ideas.

1. Selling Your Stuff is a Great Way to Start Making Extra Money

How much stuff do you have sitting around your house? If you’re like me, it’s likely quite a bit. If you’re finding that you have a lot of stuff that you simply don’t use anymore, the first thing you should look to do is sell that stuff. It may not become your home-based career, but it is a quick and easy way to make extra money for the holidays.

2.Take Surveys

You won’t make a regular income taking surveys, but they can be a nice way to get cash back or earn Amazon gift cards to use for Christmas shopping.

3. Start Writing

Don’t worry that you’re not a trained or a professional writer. There is plenty of opportunity online to write and make a decent income at it. Of course, it does take time to build up to that. However, if you’re knowledgeable about a certain topic you very well may be able to make extra money at it.

4. Decorate

Along the lines of the Christmas lights, you could also offer decoration services for individuals or businesses. If decorating isn’t your thing, you could always offer to clean prior to the decorators coming in and make some good money.

5. Get Creative

People love to send cards and other artsy things during the Holidays. If you have any graphic design skills this can be a great way to make extra money. We have a good friend who has her own graphic design business on the side and she makes a killing during the Holiday season. A website, or network of friends to generate leads and clients will make this easier.

6. Bake

We all know people enjoy baked goods during the fall and holidays. If you’re able to bake, then this can be a great way to make some extra money before the holidays. You can start a home-based baking business to make goodies for friends or neighbors, or even businesses planning company parties.

7. Market Your Skills

This is likely my favorite way to start making extra money. We all have skills and talents that someone will pay to have you use for them. For some it might be programming and others it may be writing. Those are skills which can be monetized. How quickly you get set up and start making money will depend in part on the skill you sell and to whom you sell it. But in general, selling your skills is one of the quicker ways to start making money quickly.

Start thinking outside the box to see what talents you have and how you could monetize them and start to make more money that can go directly in your bank account.

What if you feel that you don’t have a marketable skill? First, you’re likely wrong and second, there are options if that were true. Do you live in a pet-friendly neighborhood? Do you have friends who travel on occasion? Do you have friends who have babysitting needs? Those are all options.

This is just a small sampling of the different ways you can make money before Christmas. The takeaway is to be creative and find a need that others are not meeting and you could make some decent money.

What are your favorite ways to make extra money during fall/winter?

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