7 Money Earning Tips for Dads Living at Home


Guest Post from Jenny Dizousa

Many families have fathers who do not go out to work. They could be unemployed; they could also be taking care of the kids while the mother is out making a living to support the family. In situations like this, there are many ways a father can earn some money by sitting at home. All they need is a personal computer and a good internet connection and they are ready to go!

Here are some tips on how they can make money online.

1. Selling unwanted stuff:

There are loads of things around the house that the family maybe trying to get rid of. It could be an old television, furniture, a bicycle or even an old car. The best way to sell them is by advertising them online. All you have to do is find a good site where used goods are sold and put an ad. There are many sites that allow you to put up your ads for free. This can help you earn some pounds.

2. Online Marketing:

Another quick way to make some money is to sell products for a company online. You can advertise them by making online telephone calls, emails or even through your social network. The organisations will give you a commission for each products that you sell.

3. Write for Blogs:

One more way you can make money is by writing for blogs. If it is business related, you could put information about small business management, funding ideas for entrepreneurs and other such important information.

4. Designing Webpages:

If you have some knowledge about creating webpages, contact people who require such services and design the same for them.

5. Write Reviews:

There are many sites that want reviews for their products and are willing to pay for it. So if you are good in the English language, that’s all you need. Write reviews for these sites and make money out of it.

6. Take some surveys:

There are companies that are survey related. They pay a small amount of money for each survey that you take. Take a couple of surveys and finish them in your spare time to make that extra buck.

7. Write Articles:

When you had experience in business and know how the stock market works, you can write articles related to it for various websites. You can also write some articles based on various categories. Use PayPal help to get money into bank account, earned with writing articles.

About the author: Jenny Dizousa  is a  blogger who works for phonenumber online, She regularly updates  phonenumber information here and at other top blogs around the web. She really enjoys cooking occasionally, sketching.

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