7 ways to avoid procrastination while working from home


Working at home is offers many perks, but it can also become minefield of distractions that prevents working from being completed. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity, and as such, here are five ways to ensure you avoid it and have a rewarding workday.

Make a to-do list

To-do lists are great motivators! Put them above your desk or use colorful post-it notes to make sure your goals are always visible. Writing the list pushes you to think of your tasks in terms of priority and time-frames, and it gives that added boost to your productivity.

Schedule breaks

It’s very tempting to use a ‘break’ as an excuse to spend a few hours away from your desk, but if you use them carefully they’re great ways to keep your mind refreshed. Make sure you have a set time to step away from your work and clear your mind – make an effort to focus on anything other than your work.

A change of scene

Procrastination is fueled by boredom, and staying in the same place for hours on end can have a negative effect on your efficiency. Luckily you have the luxury of working at home, so move from your work-space to a comfy couch. Or make the most of a nice day by sitting outside. You’ll be surprised by the amount you get done just by changing your surroundings.

Tell someone your goals

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing work in your own time. Making sure someone else knows what you’re striving for and gives you someone else to be accountable too, so that you get it done.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Setting priorities is essential, even if you don’t actually have deadlines. Prioritizing tasks and having a timetable means that you get the important stuff done.
Prioritize your tasks and get the most important work done first. My trick is to focus on money-making activities, first and everything else second.

Set Realistic Goals

While it would be nice to get rich quick working from home, success at home takes time and effort. Set goals that don’t just focus on financial success, but also, involve the activities that need to be done to be a success. For example, if you are a freelance writer, aim to write a minimum number of articles every week. Even if you are not working for anyone in particular, you can still be productive by writing content for your website or for online marketplaces.

Think about the Rewards

Motivation is an essential part of avoiding the temptation to procrastinate. The quickest way to lose your sense of motivation is to dwell too much on the hard work involved in order to reach your goals. Instead, get on with the work at hand while reminding yourself of the rewards, such as financial security, work flexibility, and the other reasons you’ve deciding to work at home.

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