8 Ways to Make Extra Cash on the Side


When many people think of working at home, they seek work they do full time starting now. While that’s an option, sometimes it’s faster to start earning something by moonlighting on the side. There are several advantages to starting your work-at-home journey slow. The first is that often it’s easier to get part-time work than a full-time job. Second, doing a little work on the side gives you practice on what it take to succeed working at home and to make sure it’s something you really want to do. Finally, a side-income created addition money into your household to pay off debt, save to start a business or put away into savings.

If making a little extra on the side sounds appealing to you, here are some ideas you can check into:

1. Microwork

Microwork involves doing small, short-term tasks usually online. It’s ideal for someone interested in doing virtual support work. The tasks can vary and include research, data entry, writing, and more.

Learn more about Microwork plus get a list of places you can sign up to do microwork.

2. SmartPhone

While you can’t make a living with you’re smartphone, you can save money and make a few extra bucks doing things like mystery shopping, shopping tasks, testing apps, and more.

Learn 58 ways to make money with your smartphone.

3. Tutor

Do you know enough about a topic to help others learn it? While some tutoring and teaching jobs require a teaching degree, others don’t. It’s flexible and you can do it using Skype or other VoIP so you don’t have to leave your home.

Learn more about virtual teaching and tutoring, plus get 16 places that hire teachers and tutors.

4. Website Evaluation

A web search evaluator works to give feedback on how well search engines are delivering search results. Sometimes these jobs have other names, for example, Google calls it “ads quality rater”. There is a high number of these jobs available for people who are bilingual. Some places to check for web search evaluator jobs include Appen, Google (search “Ad Quality Rater”), LeapForce, and Lionbridge.

5. Blogging/Affiliate Marketing

Do you have an interest, hobby or passion? Why not start a blog about it. Blogs are flexible, affordable and fairly easy to run. There are many ways you can earn money from a blog including affiliate programs, advertising and more. Visit Digital Writer Success to get more information, tips and resources on how to make money blogging.

6. Direct Sales Business

Many people shy away from direct sales because they don’t want to sell to friends and family or worry about it’s legitimacy. But direct sales businesses are like any other business. You have to sell to someone (it doesn’t have to be friends and family) and if you do your due diligence, you can find a legit opportunity. It’s a great way to get a full-fledged business in a box with minimal cost. Plus it’s flexible and often fun. Success in direct sales (like in any business) comes down to marketing and sales.

Learn more on how to build a successful direct sales business.

7. Sell Photos

The web has become increasingly visual, which means online entrepreneurs and businesses need photos. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional, though you need to have quality photos.

Learn more about selling your photos plus 15 places to sell your photos online.

8. Research

Are you good at searching for and finding information? Then a researcher might be a good side-gig for you. Some research is done completely online, which others may ask you to visit your local clerk’s office. A few research places to check out include, AB Check Court Researcher, Clicknwork, Sunlark Resarch (court researchers).

Need more side-hustle income ideas?

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Have you found a way to make extra money on the side? Tell us about it!

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