8 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side


Are you strapped for cash? Do you want to make ends meet or pay off debt? Many people who visit Work-At-Home Success are looking for ways to generate extra income to make life easier and more fun. The good news is that it is possible to make extra money on the side. And some of these ideas can actually turn into full-income careers. Here are 8 ways to moonlight and make extra money on the side.

1. Get paid for doing stuff you already do.

Last week, I shared a post that provided resources that could help save money as well as make money on things like grocery shopping and watching TV. I’m a big fan of double-duty tasks, so if I have the option to save or make money doing something I’m already doing, that’s what I do. For example, I’m an AFAA certified fitness instructor so now I get paid to exercise. I’m a Melaleuca customer because I love the products and I’ve shared the program with others so I can get them for free.

Here’s some other resources you can check out for making money on tasks you already do:

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How and Where to Sell Your Photos Online (because who doesn’t take pictures?)

Make Money with Your Car









Mystery Shopping

About Face

A Closer Look

Call Center QA

Grassroots Measures

Service Intelligence Experience Exchange

Stericycle Expert Solutions

2. Sell your unwanted and unused items.

When money used to get really tight at my house, I’d go through and find all the stuff I wasn’t using and sell it on eBay or Amazon. I could make a couple hundred dollars within a few days using this method. This is idea if you’re in need of extra cash fast. If you enjoy it, and can find an affordable source for inventory, you can turn it into a steady gig.

10 Places to Sell Your Stuff Besides eBay

10 Places to Sell Your Stuff for Quick Cash

3. Help others take care of small tasks and projects.

There are many entrepreneurs and small businesses that need help, but aren’t ready to hire a virtual assistant. They turn to microwork or crowdsourcing sites to find people to help them get these tasks done. If you can write, to research, and provide a variety of other support services, microwork can be a great way to earn some extra money on the site.

24 Microwork Sites for Online Jobs

4. Focus Groups, Website Usability Testing and Web Search Evaluator

More and more websites and search engines want to make sure they’re easy to use and delivering the best results. To that end, they hire companies to test and evaluate their sites and servies. You can get paid by sharing your opinion, as well as testing and evaluating their products and serivces.

Focus Groups:

Get Paid for Your Opinion – Article about focus groups plus a list of focus group resources.

Website Usability Testing Companies:



User Feel

User Testing

Web Search Evaluator Companies:


Google (search “Ad Quality Rater”)



5. Tutoring

If you know academic stuff and have the patience to help others learn it, then tutoring can be a great way to make money on the side. Of all the moonlighting jobs, tutoring is one of the better paying, especially if you can help high school or college students. Along with academic tutoring, many companies are hiring people to teach English, usually through Skype.

16 Virtual Teaching and Tutoring Resources

6. Direct Sales

Many people have an automatic “no” reaction to direct sales, which it unfortunate. While it’s not for everyone, when you consider the flexibility and income potential, it’s something people should consider. The trick to direct sales is to pick and product/service you love and company you can get behind, and then do the work.  I recommend picking a company in the Direct Selling Association as they’ve been vetted and have to meet certain standards.

6 Criteria for Choosing a Home Business Opportunity

Build a Successful Direct Sales Business

7. Online Juror

There’s a lot of research and study that goes into picking a jury. Many lawyers like to test out their legal strategies on mock jurors. While some of these mock court cases take place in a courtroom, many are now down online using video.

Get Paid to be an Online Mock Juror

8. Surveys

If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know I’m not a fan of surveys as a way to make significant income. But like mystery shopping, they can be a fun way to make a few extra bucks and get free stuff.

Can You Make Money with Surveys, Plus 8 Survey Sites

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8 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

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