90+ Ways to Make Money At Home


I was asked the other day whether it was possible to work at home and what ideas I might suggest. The first part is easy to answer. Yes, it is possible to work at home. The second part is harder, because there are tons of ways to work at home. You’re limited only by your imagination. Even so, I rarely provide suggestions, at least without knowing more about the person asking. Because while there are many ways to work-at-home, not all are suited for everyone. Your best bet is to tap your skills, experiences and interests in developing your work-at-home idea.

With that said, sometimes it helps to see all the possibilities available to you. The list below isn’t ALL you can do, but it’s a well-rounded list of various ideas that can be done as a job or as a home business. Some have links to other resources you can check out to learn more.

90+ Ways to Make Money At Home

  1. Accountant/Bookkeeper
  2. Affiliate Marketer
  3. Antique Restoration
  4. App Developer
  5. Author/Publisher – Learn more about writing/publishing at DigitalWriterSuccess.com
  6. Baker
  7. Bed and Breakfast or AirBnB
  8. Blogger
  9. Bridal Consultant
  10. Career Counselor/Consultant
  11. Captioner
  12. Caterer
  13. Child Care Provider
  14. Clerical Work
  15. Coach/Consultant
  16. Commercial Cleaner
  17. Computer Repair
  18. Consierge
  19. Copywriter
  20. Crafter
  21. Customer Service
  22. Data Entry
  23. Debt Collector
  24. Desktop Publishing
  25. Direct Sale Representative
  26. Doula
  27. Drop Shipper
  28. eBay Seller
  29. Energy Efficiency Consultant
  30. Entertainer (i.e. YouTuber or party entertainment)
  31. Event/Party Planner
  32. Financial Planner
  33. Focus Groups
  34. Franchise Owner
  35. Freelance Writer
  36. Fundraiser
  37. Genealogist
  38. Ghost Writer
  39. Gift Baskets
  40. Grant Writer
  41. Graphic Designer
  42. Groomer
  43. Handyman
  44. Holiday Decorator
  45. Home Cleaner
  46. Home Inspector
  47. Home Stager
  48. House Sitter
  49. Human Resource Consultant
  50. Indie Author
  51. Information Product Creator
  52. Interior Designer
  53. Inventor
  54. Junk Removal
  55. Landscaper
  56. Local Guide
  57. Local Publication Publisher
  58. Marketing Expert/Publicist
  59. Microworker
  60. Mock Online Juror
  61. Neighborhood Welcome Service
  62. Nurse – CareerBuilder lists many home-based nursing jobs. Search “work at home” and then the “nursing” or “health care” category to find them.
  63. Notary
  64. Nutritionist
  65. Organizer
  66. Painter
  67. Personal Shopper – Get paid to shop/deliver groceries through Instacart
  68. Personal Trainer
  69. Pet Sitter (and other pet related businesses)
  70. Photographer: you can even sell your photos online
  71. Private Investigator
  72. Proofreader/Editor
  73. Property Management
  74. Public Speaker
  75. Realtor
  76. Referral Service
  77. Researcher
  78. Resume Writer
  79. Seamstress/Tailor
  80. SEO/Internet Marketing Consultant
  81. Social Media Manager
  82. Social Worker
  83. T-Shirt Maker
  84. Tax Preparer
  85. Tech Support
  86. Telemarketer
  87. Transcriber
  88. Translator
  89. Travel Agent
  90. Tutor/Teacher
  91. Video Producer/Editor
  92. Virtual Assistant
  93. Voice Over Professional
  94. Web Testers/Evaluators
  95. Yard Care

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90+ Ways to Make Money At Home

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