Work At Home Success FAQ

Here are answers to commonly asked work at home FAQ!

How long have you been running Work-At-Home Success?

Work-At-Home Success premiered online in January 1998. Check out the Wayback Machine to see previous incarnations of the site.

I want to work-at-home, but don’t know where to start.

Figuring the real deal from the duds in working at home can be challenging. The biggest problem we see with people who want to work at home are:

  1. A lack of information and
  2. Blinded by shiny get-rich options that are scams or rarely work.

We recommend checking out WAHS Get Started Working At Home Page which will provide you an overview of what you need to know to figure out the best work-at-home option for you, steps you need to take to get started, and resources to begin your work-at-home journey now.

Can you tell me where to find data entry, typing or envelope stuffing jobs?

For many years we steered people away from data entry, typing and envelope stuffing. I still tell people to not bother with envelope stuffing because it’s a scam, and by participating in it, you’re not only perpetuating the scam, but could be legally in trouble for scamming people.

However, we do see legitimate typing and data entry work now. Typing jobs are actually in the area of transcription and usually require a typing speed of 30 to 80 words per minute. Data entry jobs usually involve knowledge of a specific industry and sometimes specialized equipment.

Here are a few posts you might want to check out to learn more about data entry and typing:

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Can you get me a job from home?

We can offer you resources and advice, but when it comes to getting hired, that’s all up to you. Like traditional jobs, employers hiring home-based workers are looking for people with specific skills and experience to fill a job.

WAHS Get Started Working At Home

Some of the telecommuting job databases you recommend ask for money, but I thought we weren’t supposed to pay money for a job.

The rule is that you should never pay money to get hired. Any company that says for a fee you can work for it is not offering a job. However, you can invest in your job search through legitimate work-at-home job databases (We have paid for and accessed all the databases we recommend) or hiring someone to write a resume. In the traditional world, this would be the same as buying the paper to get the want-ads and or hiring a job coach.

Note, that over the years, there are essentially only 2 work-at-home jobs that we’ve consistently recommended for the serious telecommuting job seeker. Today, we usually exclusively recommend Flexjobs.

Are all the jobs and business opportunities screened?

All the jobs (offers of employment) are given a basic screening. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any of the jobs posted. Neither can we make any representations or be held responsible for the actions of employers. While every effort is made to make sure you’re getting the best job announcements, scammers use a variety of deceptive techniques and sometimes a bogus jobs slip through. Therefore it’s vitally important that you do the research necessary to ensure the job is actually a job. Remember, legitimate work-at-home jobs are obtained the same way traditional jobs are; you need to earn it through skills, experience, and a stellar resume. Work-At-Home Success has lots of information about work-at-home jobs and avoiding scams.

Be sure to read the Scam Alert page for tips on avoiding scams.

I see ads on your site asking for money, but you say to not spend money to get a job, can you explain this?

The one thing you never want to pay money for is to get hired. However, it is acceptable to invest money in educational or informational products (i.e.. books, reports, trainings), services (i.e. job listings, web hosting, etc), or legitimate business opportunities. The ads you see on the site that ask for money are likely to be a product, service, or business opportunity, but with that said, some of WAHS’ ad feeds may list some questionable schemes (despite all my attempts to block them). Once again, you need to do your due diligence and research any product, service or business opportunity you’re thinking of investing in.

I’ve applied to lots of jobs but never hear back. Can you help me?

Home-based employers are not very good at getting back with applicants which makes it hard because you don’t know why you didn’t get hired. Some things to consider are 1) are you really qualified to do the job? 2) Did your resume represent your skills and experiences adequately? Another reason you may not hear back is that the ad is old, there are too many applicants, and your application got lost in cyberspace. It is okay to follow up a week or so after you submit your application to inquire about the job and hiring time frame, as long as the company didn’t say specifically not to call.

Check out 6 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired to a Work-At-Home Job (And What to Do About It) for more help.

How can I tell if a job or business opportunity is a scam?

The Scam Alert pages goes into detail on how to evaluate work-at-home options. Also, we post scam alerts here at Work-At-Home Success.

I live outside the US, can your information still help me?

The basic information should be good no matter where you live. However, most jobs listed on the site are in the US or Canada. Work-At-Home Success does have international telework information and resources that you can use to find jobs and information in your part of the world. Many business opportunities can be run from anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to check with individual opportunities to see if your country is included.

Is there a way to get jobs without coming to the site every day?

Ssign up for the WAHS newsletter, as the jobs are sent to subscribers once week before they’re posted on the site.