Acceptable Free Web Hosting Option for Newbies


If you want to make a living online, experts (including myself) have advocated for finding the money to buy a domain and pay for web hosting. Earning income online requires the creation of a professional presence and control over the content on your site. The free hosting options in the past didn’t allow for that. Free hosting sites tend to be loaded with pop-ups and flashing banners that make it difficult to find and enjoy the content. The free sites might be fine for personal websites, but sites designed for making money needed to be free of all the glitz and distraction from free hosting. But now Weebly offers FREE web hosting services without the ads (there is a footer ad at the bottom indicating the site is hosted at Weebly).

Features of the free Weebly accounts include

  • 5 MB of storage,
  • Easy drag and drop editors (no tech knowledge required)
  • Over 70 different designs
  • Blogging options
  • And more.

The non-professional URL’s of the sites have Weebly in them, however, you can use your own domain. If you already own a domain, you can set it up to work with your Weebly page free of charge or you can buy a domain through Weebly.

Further Weebly provides help in integrating Google Adsense on your account, so you can run your own ads if you like. Or use Paypal to build in shopping cart and payment processing to sell you’re own products or services.

The free service does have limitations in that it has a low storage amount (5MB) which limits other options such as video. But you can upgrade to a pro-account for about $4.99 per month (paid yearly) that includes:

  • Password protected pages,
  • Audio and video players,
  • Embedded document features,
  • Ability to host 10 sites,
  • An increase to 100 MB storage
  • Customized footer (you don’t have to have the Weebly ad at the bottom)
  • Premium support.

For the new person just starting out, Weebly provides a full-featured web hosting option for free that can create professional a site without being cluttered with ads. There are some limits and Weebly may not provide you with all the hosting features you need over the long run. But if technical or financial aspects are preventing you from setting up a site to make money online, Weebly may be the answer to get you up and running ASAP. To learn more, or set up your free account, visit Weebly.

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