Are Scammers Scaring You Off from Telecommuting?


When someone mentions “work at home” one of two concepts that often come to mind are get rich quick or scam. Funny how the two most common ideas about working at home are the farthest from the truth. Certainly, some people make good money in a short period (due to hard work not luck or the newest, shiniest work-at-home program) and there are definitely scams. But there is work as well. People who avoid work-at-home options because of fears of being scammed are missing out.

It would be nice if the authorities could stomp out work-at-home fraud more effectively and efficiently, so that you could feel safe in searching for and applying to jobs. Aside from the fact that law enforcement agencies don’t have the budgets or manpower to hunt scammers down, is that fact that staying ahead of scammers is increasingly difficult in the Internet age. But that shouldn’t deter you from searching for legitimate work-at-home jobs. Companies of all sizes are hiring, even in this challenging economy. Many of these companies you’ve heard of like, 1-800 Flowers, American Express and Capital One. Smaller businesses and government agencies also hire home-based workers.

The trick to staying safe is to first learn about telecommuting so that you understand what types of jobs are involved and why companies use home based workers (hint, it’s not to stuff envelopes or process email). Then you need to search for work based on your skills, experiences and interests, just like you would in the traditional work world. Sites like offer tips, information and even screened job leads. Finally, work-at-home jobs require you go through the same process as you would in a traditional job, which means a resume or application, often an interview, and sometimes samples of your work or passing a test.

Don’t let the fear of scams stop you from finding flexibility in a work-from-home job. Yes, you need careful in your search, but telecommuting jobs are prevalent and employers are actively looking for qualified home-based employees like you.

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