Expert Tips: Are there free and low cost ways to build a career from home?

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One thing I hear a lot from would-be home-based workers is that they don’t have a lot of money to get started working at home. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a lot, or any, money. What you do need is a large amount of desire and consistent effort.

This week, I asked work-at-home experts to share their opinions and advice on free and low-cost ways to build a career from home.

Are there free and low-cost ways to build a career from your domicile? 


Joe Flanagan, Velvet Jobs

Joe Flanagan

The low overheads of an Internet startup mean there are several great industries to start from home. My recommendation would be that if you have strong English skills to begin a proofreading service for the writing of others. There are millions of websites out there that require a proofreader, even if most of them don’t know it yet.




Shari Medini, Push Pull Sales & Marketing

Shari Medini

Now, more than ever, there are free and low-cost ways to build a career from home. You have so many opportunities at your fingertips, and a lot of it is free! Create a YouTube channel, start a WordPress blog, or submit a podcast to iTunes. If you have something worthwhile to say, start sharing it in whatever way works best for you, and you will be amazed at what it can turn into.





Tracee Sioux, Sioux Ink

Tracee SouxI’ve been working at home for 14 years. There are lots free or cheap ways to market an online business. Making connections is the #1 way you’ll either find work or clients.  Facebook has been invaluable to me. Real participation connection and interaction with various people has brought me job offers and clients.

A website can be built on WordPress for free, a Mailchimp newsletter account can be started for free until you get 500 people on your list.



Note from Leslie:

Leslie TruexToday, it’s less expensive for me to run Work-At-Home Success (domain and hosting) than when I started. It’s also cheaper to market it. But the problem with free and low-cost, is that if you don’t invest a lot of money, it’s easier to not give your effort the attention it needs. Think about it…the more you spend, the more you’ll feel compelled to follow through, right. I’m not saying you should spend a lot of money. What I am saying is that it’s easier and more affordable than ever to build a home-based career. So the success factor is really about whether or not you’ll do it. Some great affordable ways to work at home include:


  • A telecommuting job
  • Freelancing
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Direct Sales
  • eBay/Amazon/Etsy
  • Offering a service based on a skill from your work or hobby



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