International Telecommuting Resources

US and International Telecommuting Resources

If you live in Canada or another country outside the United States, here are some resources for information on and jobs in Telecommuting.

US Telecommuting Resources

JALA – Jack Nilles who invented the work “telecommuting”

Interagency Telework Site

US General Services Administration

Telework Overview

International Telecommuting Associations and Information Resources


Association Francaise du Teletravial et des Tele-activities
Canadian Telework Association


Electronic Commerce and Telework Trends
European Telework
Implementing Telework (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)
International Telework Association and Council
UK Telework Association
Empirica (Germany)
Italian Telework
eWork Ireland
Telework Poland

Asia/Pac Rim:

Japan Telework Association
Japanese Telework Society

South America:

Argentine Association of Teleworkers
Center of Telework and eLearning
Telework (Brazil)
Uruguay Telework Association


Millennium Workplace Options (South Africa)

International Telecommuting Job Resources

Many of the major job search web sites listed under the United States offer international job searches. If you are in the United States and looking for a job abroad, be sure to read any information posted on the sites about residency or working abroad.

Check out WAHS Job Search Page for US telecommuting employment resources!

Job Source

Search for jobs in the United States (by state), Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Mexico, Russia, South America and many other countries.

Specific Regions:

* Canada
* Asia
* Australia
* Europe
* UK

Canadian Job Search Sites

Actual Jobs Canada
This site searches several job search sites. Beware of scams or non-job posts.

Canada Emploi
This site is in French. I used “travail à la maison” (work at home?) and did get some results but I’m not certain all the jobs were work-at-home jobs. There are options for contract part-time work which are often conducive to working at home.

Canada Job
This is the same site as Canada Emploi only in English. Typing “work at home” (in quotes) yielded many jobs but not all may actually be telecommuting positions so read the announcements carefully.

Canadian Jobs Catalog
This site doesn’t have jobs but lists many resources for finding jobs in Canada.

Work Search
This is the English version of the site. It isn’t really a search engine but rather a resource to job search sites for Canada and the United States.

Asia/Pacific Rim Job Search Sites


Site says you need to download a special program to view but if you don?t you can still view the site in English. The site searchs in Asia, Pacific Rim, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Keep location and catagory boxes to “all”, choose “English” (or whatever language you prefer) for the language. In the keyword box, “work at home” yielded the most results mostly in the U.S. and Japan.

Job Street
Search Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malayssia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. To get the most results you need to register but it’s free.

Australian Job Search Sites

Australian Job Search

I wasn’t able to find work-at-home jobs using keywords used here in the United States. However, on the advanced search there is an option for “commission and self-employment jobs”
which would offer possible work-at-home jobs. Incidentally, when searching on Australian sites from the United State you are searching one day ahead. Pretty neat!

Byron Employment Australia
Only the advanced search yielded results. Leave “catagory” and “location” to “all”. On “position basis” I used “contract”. Under “keyword filter”, I used keyword “work at home” and told the search that the result “must contain the exact phrase.”

European Job Search Sites

Jobsite Group
Large database of jobs throughout Europe. Keyword “telecommuting” yielded the best results.

United Kingdom Job Search Sites

UK jobs search site. Use “telecommute” to search jobs.

Job Serve
This site focuses in IT jobs in the United Kingdom.

Jobs Unlimited
Keyword phrase “work from home” yielded the only results.