Awesome Online Research Jobs: Get Paid to Find and Answer Questions


Work at home answering questions with these 12 online research jobs!

Most people go online looking for answers. If you’re someone who knows how to search the Internet to find solutions, then you you might want to consider getting paid to be an online researcher.

Because many people go online to get answers to their questions, many resources need help in researching information and putting it together for people to find.

What do Online Researchers Do?

The short answer is that they research information online to provide an answer or solution. However, they may also write a short paragraph or an entire article based on what they’ve found. In other cases, you may use email, online chat, or talk over the phone to answer the client’s question.

What Experience Do Online Researchers Need?

At the vary least, online researchers need to know how to use search engines and other resources to find answers to questions. Some online research jobs might require that you have knowledge or experience of the industry you’re looking into. This is a great way to get paid for sharing what you know. Some online research jobs are in the academic field, so you may need to know how to research and cite sources, or how to tutor a student looking for answers.

How Much Do Online Researchers Make?

The income earned from doing online research varies on the type of job and level of knowledge or research required. Further, most of these jobs are flexible in that you can work as little or as much as you want, which can impact how much you earn. Good researchers can earn $35 per hour, sometimes more. Entry level work will likely pay less, around $10 to $15 per hour, but this can go up if you have subject matter expertise.

What Equipment and Tools Do I Need to Be an Online Researcher?

To be successful as an online researcher, you should have a computer and reliable Internet access. Sometimes you may provide information via video chat, in which case you’d need a webcam and headset.

You might want to consider adding browser apps that pay you to search to add a little additional income to your efforts. One to try is Qmee. Another option is to make Swagbucks your default search engine and you can earn points towards gift cards to your favorite retailers. These are not required, but can offer an additional way to benefit from your online research.

Online Research Jobs

Here are places you can check out to get paid to research online. Please note that these resources may or may not be taking on new researchers at this time.

10EQS: Research and answer questions in areas that you have extensive experience in. You should be considered a subject matter expert in the field you’re answering questions in.

Article One Partners: Research answers to submitted questions in a variety of areas. Pay on this one is based on whether or not your answer wins out.

Clarity: Offers a platform to get paid for your expertise by answering questions for clients through one-on-one phone calls. You need a LinkedIn profile. You can set your own rate, and Clarity takes 15% service fee.

Clickworker: Hires task workers in a variety of areas, including research.

Experts123: Answer questions in the form of an article. Pay is based on how many people check out your answer.

Help Owl: This is more of a side-hustle where you can earn points for prizes by answering questions about top companies and their products.

IT-Boss Research: Court research, which does require visiting courthouses, but the work is flexible.

Awesome Online Research Jobs: Get Paid to Find and Answer QuestionsJust Answer: Allows you to sell your expertise to people asking questions in any of over 175 topics ranging from animal behavior to wellness and tons in between. Some topics may require that you have a degree or certification to be considered an expert.

Maven: Set your hourly rate and answer a few questions, then you’re set up to be matched to clients. Questions are answered by writing, or phone. Offers commissions for referrals.

Presto Experts: Help clients by your choice of chat, phone or email, by answering questions in your area of expertise. It appears tutoring and counseling are also an option. This one lets you set your own fees.

StudyPool: Help students with their homework by answering questions in any of 30 areas.

Wonder: Answer questions submitted by clients.  The types of questions vary from recommending a product or service, gathering stats, or explaining something.

Search Engine Evaluator

Another option for you if you’re good at online research, is search engine evaluator. If you’ve ever been frustarted by the results you get in search, you can have input on how search engines can do better.

iSoftStone – Search engine evaluation

Leapforce – Search engine evaluation opportunity.

Lionbridge – Search engine evaluation

Zero Chaos – Ads quality rating and search engine evaluation.

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