Best Ways to Get a Work At Home Job


Despite the struggling economy, work at home opportunities continue to grow as companies discover the cost savings in allowing employees to work from home. However, job hunters looking for these home-based positions often end up victims of scams mostly because they don’t understand what telecommuting is and isn’t. The most important thing to remember about work-at-home jobs is that they are like traditional jobs; they require skills, experience and an application process to get them. Legitimate jobs don’t involve signing up for a fee to lick envelopes, process email or rebates, and handle business’ money.

Here are the best ways to get a work-at-home job.

Ask your boss.

If you are serious about working at home, the only way to approach your supervisor is with a written proposal. The first step in the proposal process is to evaluate your job and company for conduciveness to telecommuting.  What duties and activities related to your job can be done from home? Does your company or similar businesses allow flexible work options?

The work-at-home proposal must be written and must outline your plans as well as benefits to the company your new work arrangement will provide. Propose a work schedule and provide information on how and when you will be available to your employer and coworkers. What equipment will you need and who will provide it? How will your work be evaluated? Show your supervisor how working at home has been successful in other companies by including statistics or articles on telecommuting.

Your proposal needs to focus on the benefits your working at home will be to the company. Your boss doesn’t want to hear about your morning hassles to get kids to daycare, but he’d be interested to know how working at home can save him money.

Create Telecommuting Position

I landed a telecommuting adoption social work job by sending letters of introduction along with a resume to businesses in my state inquiring if they needed contract workers in my area.

Start by sending your professional introduction and resume to companies that are already advertising for jobs in your field. In your letter, suggest a contract position and include information on how such arrangements can save the company money over hiring a regular employee.

You can also target similar businesses and industries that may not be advertising. Use your phonebook and Internet to find companies in your area or state that might be willing to contract with you and send them your letter and resume.

Find a Telecommuting Position online

This is by far the most popular, yet most difficult option. Too many people get caught up in the idea that they will be able to type; do data entry or stuff envelopes. It’s important to remember that employers are not looking for home workers. They are looking for qualified people to fill a position. It is the position they advertise and they advertise them on job-related sites. That
doesn’t mean that scams are not posted in job sites, but for the most part you can be sure that work-at-jobs won’t be posted in search engines.

When you find a good job, follow the directions for applying. The biggest complaint of employers is that applicants don’t follow application instructions. Submit professional quality resumes or applications that are tailored to fit each job you apply to.

I believe everyone can work at home, but it takes research and effort. The key to success is to look in the right places, consider a variety of job options, submit quality resumes on a regular basis, and don’t give up.

  1. G.Ron Lecourt says

    For 5 months I have been trying to find employment for work at home and all I
    see, are positions that make no sense or scams.
    I am 73 years old and up until 6 months ago, was the owner of a small swimming pool business in Florida, like so many other people the economy killed us.

    G. Ron Lecourt

    1. LTruex says

      I find that when most people aren’t finding the legit jobs, they are looking for the wrong types of work in the wrong places. Work-at-home jobs are like any other jobs; you need skills and experience, and to go through a hiring process. You can’t just sign up to type or do some other work-at-home. As a former small business owner, you should have many skills that people would want to hire you for. Search for work using those skill sets are your guide. Remember to never pay money to get hired (you can pay for home business start up or for tools). Check out the scam section so you know how to recognize and avoid scams.

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